Ideal Size for 160lb, Pre Op 38c - Dallas, TX

Im 5'5, 160lbs, currently wearing 38c. I want...

Im 5'5, 160lbs, currently wearing 38c. I want implants to give my Volume and fullness back after having 3 kids.

High marks for Dr Liland and Dr Stagnone in the Dallas area, IMO. Do check them out with at least a consult. I've also heard good things about Dr Schwartz. (Getting 3 consults wouldn't hurt.)

Spend some time playing around with the "rice test", wearing the homemade additions at home while watching TV for a couple hours. You might need to get a bra with larger cups to hold things in place reasonably well.

If old stockings filled with dry rice doesn't work for you, you could try dry oatmeal flakes. Or if you have a creative bent, get some Play-Doh, adding/subtracting/reshaping as you deem fit. You will probably want to wrap the Play-Doh in cling film before inserting into your bra, due to colors, etc possibly leaching into the bra material.

Don't get hung up on your weight; focus more on the overall shape. To enhance your curves, liposculpting might be applicable in your situation; mention it during your consults if this is something which appeals to you.

You might also want to look into getting a breast lift concurrent with implants. Have you tried different sized implants with your plastic surgeon. That should help you come to a decision.

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