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Hello ladies! I've spent hours scouring this site...

Hello ladies! I've spent hours scouring this site over the last few months and I figured it's time to post myself! I am currently a 34D-34DD and am seriously considering implants. I was wondering if anyone has any experience with breast implants and weight loss. I'm currently 5'3 and approximately 155 lbs with hopes of losing maybe 20-30 lbs. I know weight loss can have a huge impact on the girls but wasn't sure if it would be advised to reach my goal weight prior to undergoing surgery. I love my boobs but just want some more oomph and fullness on the top. I really just wish they permanently looked like they do in push up bras - bring on the cleavage! Any feedback would be awesome! Thanks :)


You look great in your photos. Is there any chance you just need a lift? Be sure to get several consults with Board Certified Plastic Surgeons. Here are some important questions to ask during your consults. Good luck on your weight loss journey. Your weight loss results will most likely help you determine what size implants you'll need, etc. Thank you for sharing on RealSelf. Keep us posted!

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Hey Hun! I use to always sit around 120-125 pounds and was a Small B cup. Then I gradually put on weight and then early last year realised I had gained 18 pounds over a couple of years, and my boobs were a full C cup! I was back to about 125-127 pounds by early this year but fitter than ever so my boobs are just an A cup. Everyone's different, I find weight lose has a HUGE effect on my boobs, which is common for females because of the way our bodies work, but some girls dint lose much off their boobs at all..
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I would suggest starting your weight lose journey to see straight away if you lose weight on your boobs and go from there, and perhaps have a consult with a surgeon to discuss what you have posted here, they are the person who can probably give you the beat answer. Good luck! :)
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