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I am 27 and had a breast augmentation 7 years ago...

I am 27 and had a breast augmentation 7 years ago after being quite ill and loosing weight I found myself very unattractive and unfeminine with little self esteem. So i decided that a breast augmentation would be a big help for me, and it was although painful it was worth it!

Well I after meeting my Husband I moved to the UNITED STATES and have been here for 5 years now. Several months ago I received a letter saying that the implants that i had been given and many many more were in a word faulty, the cause of multiple leaks.
they advised all those who had these implants to have scans to get them checked.

Mine was confirmed to have a rupture. To my horror they told me that they are only willing to remove the implants, if I fly all the way back to the uk for surgery and again later for follow ups and i would still have to pay them to put something back in. I am devastated and have been since i was told this several months ago, I do not have the money nor any way I can get back to the uk, let alone take off that much time off of work that would require me to recover long enough to fly the 10.5 hour long trip back,. and then more time to go back later for follow ups in England. I feel sick that I have no way of righting this. I also looked at getting them done here in the USA, I told surgeons that I do not have the money up front they told me that i can get financed with them, this was a dead end as they would not finance me because I moved here a few years ago and have not acquired enough credit history.

what am i supposed to do?


Do you have health insurance? Have you inquired with them if you do?

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What did the manufacturer's warranty say?  Some are supposed to cover a certain amount of the replacement costs if they are faulty but I am not sure that this is an automatic, some have you pay like $100 for the plan.  Maybe you can find a doctor that will work with you about payments.  I'm surprised after 5 years you can't get a lower limit credit card or loan, have you tried?  This seems like a frustrating situation indeed but I am not sure if you should ask a lawyer or what...sorry I couldn't help more :(
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I dont know about the warranty its self, i know that I had several years left with them, and because they are PIP implants many many people have had there implants rupture, but like i said before they will not help me unless I fly to the uk, which I am not in a position to do, and I would be on there extensive waiting list, I would think I would be lucky if I was given an appointment for surgery this side of the year, as Im not labeled as a priority.
And i have not found a surgeon here in the USA who does not require financing as there option for a payment plan, something i can not get. 5 years might seem long enough, but I wasn't made a citizen until 2 years ago, so I wasnt able to get any credit cards prior to that, and I was only just excepted by a company very recently for one, but still the card is not anywhere near what I would need in order to pay for the surgery. I appreciate the surgestion but these are things I have thought of, as for the lawyer I dont have the money, even if it was one of those who get paid when you do, this is a big company who is dealing with hundreds of woman, im sure they are equipped for law suits, this has been going on since 2011 maybe even before that, I only found out 4 months ago, by the time they gt to my name in the list.
The time would take too long for a lawyer, if he won to settle my case, we know how long these things can be dragged out. The rupture could be even worse by then maybe both of them could have ruptured by then.
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