After 9 Years of Pain I Just Want Them Taken Out -Dallas, TX

After 9 years I decide to take out my implants I...

After 9 years I decide to take out my implants I have a lot of pain in my left breast, back and also my arm, I am afraid about how I are they going to look after the surgery. Does somebody could recommend me any surgeon in Dallas, Tx. I thing this place is amazin and I feel very confortable in sharing my experience with you.Thank you

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Hey Amanda--I see from a post on someone else's review that you're having surgery on the 14th. Dr. Melmed is doing my surgery on the 13th--did you decide to go with him, too?
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I think Dr. Melmed is in Dallas, he's like famous for his explants and internal lifts (but kind of pricey if that is a concern). I understand just wanting them out, I've had mine 8 years and I just feel so "over" them. I'm explanting the 28th, can't wait! Good luck to you and your explant research!
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Thank you for the information, after I read the reviews it seems that Dr, melmed is the best option here in Dallas. I'm goig to visit him for sure. Thanks again for your kindness and please let us know about you after the procedure.
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I'm so glad you found us and that you're joining the community by starting your story! Sorry to hear of your pain. You might be surprised as to how well your breasts can bounce back after implant removal.

Definitely sort through other reviews here and look at the ladies' before and after photos.

Keep in mind also that many doctors will recommend replacing with a smaller implant rather than removing them altogether, so if you're definitely ready to remove, you may have to advocate hard for yourself and/or go on several consultations to find a supportive doctor.

Please keep us posted!

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