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So I've been researching breast implants for...

So I've been researching breast implants for awhile now and I've decided to finally start making some moves with my funds and consultation.

my husband has been so against breast augmentation and I fully appreciate the fact that he loves me how I am, but after a year of explaining to him is isn't about just having big boobs, it's about feeling complete and having confidence in certain clothes something I lack. My boobs have never been big, but they lost volume after I had our daughter. I cannot wait to be able to wear backless tops without a bra so that I don't have to wear a undershirt with a bra to push my girls up and wear some of those not bra friendly dresses I've only seen online lol....

Also any recommendations for a good doctor in the Dallas area?
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Thank you for starting your journey on RealSelf! Many husbands come around in the end, but it's normal for them to be concerned about surgery. We can all relate to your feeling of wanting to be complete. Here is a link to help you in your search for a doctor. Also, try reading through member Reviews to narrow down your doctor selection. Make sure they are Board Certified Plastic Surgeons. Here is a helpful list of questions you may want to ask the doctor during your consult. Try to get several consults. Looking forward to your updates!

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             you can look at the list off docters here on the site and see if their are any from your area! i found mine on here! good luck! 
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