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I had breast augmentation in April 2010. I had the...

I had breast augmentation in April 2010. I had the dual-plane technique with 300cc, moderate profile, smooth, round, silicone with an inframammary incision. When my breasts were healing, it felt like there was a firm, tight band forming under my breasts. Nothing now feels tight, but as you can see there is the illusion of two breast creases. Also, when I contract my muscles, my breasts look particularly odd. I don't know if I should consider corrective surgery or wait until my implants are due for replacing.

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DallasGal, I very much appreciate your private message. I intend to reply again more privately when I take the time to remember my pw. :)
I too was wanting to get the cohesive gel implants but I decided not to. In the US, they are only allowed to place the tear-drop shaped implants and I wanted round implants. Additionally, you will have a longer scar to accomodate the implant. I read several research articles regarding the cohesive gel implants, and I know that there is far less information regarding their safety. There are some research articles linking the cohesive gel implants with increased lymphocyte production--which can also occur with silicone (i.e. leaking). I just think that less is know about the cohesive gel implants (long-term sustainability, cracking issues, rotation concerns especially with the tear drop) which made me shy away from them.

Also, keep in mind that a specific size is not always feasible because the plastic surgeon must work with the characteristics of your body (i.e. tissue stretch, size/shape of your natural breast, muscle and attachment concerns, etc.). I hope this helps. ;)
Would you share the Dr that performed your surgery? I recently saw an "internationally renowned" surgeon in Dallas that didn't spend as much time with me as I would've liked, and also kind of rushed me through the consult, wouldn't listen to what I wanted-- I am a 34 AA/A (?) and wanted 300 cc implants to make me appx a C cup. He is one of the Drs. performing the FDA study for Generation 5, silicone CPG implants, too, so I presume he really is reputable

Almost been four years already!!

I just thought that I would update my post....
A few years ago, I was concerned about my double bubble look to my breast. It was bothersome, but I was not ready to jump for surgery again. As you can see, I made the right decision just staying on the more conservative side by not doing anything else. I think that my implants have settled more, and maybe even blend in better now. I hope this helps someone else with a similar situation. ;)
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Good doctor (prefer not mentioning name) with a lot of experience. However, there were about 10 other BA surgeries the day I got mine, so I feared I was more of a number than an individual patient. I was rushed-out the door just after waking-up from surgery. I felt like $8000 was worth just a smidge more of his time. I was worried that it only took about 30 minutes in total to complete the surgery. In retrospect, I would have gone somewhere that did not feel like a cattle-herd call for boobs. :)

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