Still Searching for a Good Doctor - Dallas, TX

I have been wanting to get a BBL for at least...

I have been wanting to get a BBL for at least three years now. I have a 2-year old son and now i am finally ready to get it done. Any recommendations for doctors in Dallas!!? The before and after pictures aren't giving me any reason to choose any doctor yet, however I am looking for realistic results, any suggestions ??
I am also searching and cant find a 1 tht makes me 100 percent confident. Seems tht all the good docs are out of twn but their b4 and afters are wonderfull. I dnt wanna go out of town though:(let me know if u find someone this way plz
Sorry I can't recommend any bbl docs in Dallas. Have you considered Dr. Wilberto Cortes in Houston? He does phenomenal work! Good luck in your search. I will be following your journey!
Yes I have considered I called there today. I just dnt wanna go out of town ecspecially leavin my lil ones. And I dnt wanna go by myzelf lol im still a bby. But yes his work is A1. I might consider though cuz I want this so bad I dream that I got it done just ridiculous
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