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So ive been looking for a good doc for the bbl and...

So ive been looking for a good doc for the bbl and all I keep hearing about is cortez and salama. I am in dallas I dont wanna travel. Does ny body know someone good this way im driving myself crazy!!! I have been lookin back and forth but theese docs just dnt seem right I was thinkin about dr sacha obaid but idk im lost. Help


Hey ladies I been savin up my cho chos I can feel it comin soon even though I havent chosen a doc lol its either cortes or obaid. I just wanna say thnk u to all of u dollz. U gave me so much insight from a positive view with ur pics and reviews it helps me know wat to expect. Nd if u have a doc in mind for me plz let me know. I will keep everyone posted through this experience as soon as I really get the ball rollin lol thnk yall ladies


So I think im thinkin about this too hard im already stressed and I hvnt even set ny days for a consultation or ny thing. Im going to send cortes some pics tomorrow of my body so he can give me a price. Idk this is alot to tke in nd the real **** hasnt even started. Im one of those people who stresses about nything. Im trying to c who can take care of the lil ones, who can come with me, and my job of couse oh gosh I could go on forever about what im stressing over. I think im just overwhelmed. Well ttyl ladys(anybody with some encouraging advice out there I need it)ttyl thnks ladies


Will upload sme pics of this terrible shape when figure out how


Pics of my body as of now




So salama says im a good candidate for the bbl. He wnts me to lose 5 pounds bc my fat is lower so my waist line will look good after sx I eanna see what cortes says also mind still open

im so lovin salamas staff

So nancy quoted me 8999 plus 500 for my arms I gotta get on my shit so I can get this dne. Hustle hard lol just venting im excited she told me no need for tt my skkn is really good and my flanks are wonderful lol bc thts where hes most aggressive.


Hey ladies I really need some positive intake my grandpa says im nuts there are too many complications and im being selfish. He has raised me and I hate when he speaks on things hes usually always right. My co workers also sat dont do tht I need some positive words ladies thnks

feelin good now I need do put dwn a deposit

Ok so hey ladies. Im so proud of myself I hve put up 1000 dollars in less than a mnth. I started savin 2 mnths ago but I touched tht money lol so I had to start over. Its very hard for me not to touch money I absolutely love to blow it like im rich or smthn lol. But ny ways if I keep goin this route I will definitely be able to get the procedure dne in 9 or 10 mnths just to be on the safe side. I just dnt know whats gnna happen when its time to get my hair done lol I spend ALOT of money on my hair I guess I will find a way though I love hair! Ok back to subject sorry got a lil off the subject talkin about my 2nd love which is hair. Ok so I was so sure that I wanted to go with salama but now idk my mind is still open ive sent cortes many pics they just cant seem to get back to me and they said they hvnt recieved them its just back nd forth ugghh. I do hve a consultation dec 3 with a doc out here obaid. He doesnt hve too mny rs girls only 2 but he is the best in dfw he is not too conservative with the ccs and hes 15 min from my house but I am open and ready to find the right doc so I can put a deposit dwn asap any ladies can throw sme docs out there nd help plz let me know

wow just noticed I hve no introduction

Hey beautiful dolls so my slow a** just noticed I hve no introduction abt myself. Im 22 yrs old 2 children. Im 5'2 about 150 lbs which is big for my height. Well I think im 150 scale is old need to buy a new one seriously its ten yrs old. Im so ready to start this new chapter of my life.i used to hve booty but with each pregnancy it got smaller. There were a couple of girls at my school when I was younger with the same name so they would reference me to big booty k****. Lol if they cld only c me now. Those were the good days I was too young to appreciate it though. Well I eat sleep and literally dream about this sx I can wait for a CHANGE!!!

*wish pics*

another wish

salamas RH

Hey ladies does anyone know some info abt salamas new RH house and ny experiences and cost plz let me know

ladies help

Ok so Im thinking im going to put my deposit dwn tomorrow for dr rani salamas partner. I will hopefully be staying in their new rh house. Heres my worries. How did u ladies part with being from home. I hve to admit im kind of scared to leave home by myself nd will probably be traveling by myself. Please dome advice what did you do to cope with the detachment from kids and the thought of hvn sx far away from home????

deposit made

Yay ladies deposit put down for sx and recovery house!!!!! Nervous as hell

wtf y am I feeling like this?

Ok ladies im so srry for all the whinning all the time but seriously my gut feeling is askin me y the hell are you going out of twn by urself to get this sx. Even the thought of this sx is really getting to me nd for me its nt so much the operation but the what happens after. Ive been a heavy cigarette smoker for 10 yrs hvnt had even a check up in about 9 yrs I feel like im setting myself up for disaster.even though I will be at serenity recovery house and I know I will be well taken care of my gut feeling is really annoying to me right now. But everytime I look in the mirror I wanna cry. Im not the same ME anymore I wont go out I wont do nything to myself I am definitely depressed about myself! As soon as I cme from work I just lay in my bed. I hate this feeling I really dnt wanna DIE gettin this sx or ny infections and etc. I cant mke my family pay for something like tht. ive never left home nd I know my grandpa is just going to put the icing on the cake scarin the sh** out of me and causin a scene before I go he prolly doesnt think im serious about goin to florida im srry I hve to vent yall. Yall r the only ppl who understand. Did ny body feel like this plz let me know. I just feel like smthng bad will happen but its a come and go thing one day im ok the nxt im scared im a die or smthng else will happen to me. I just wnna cry I feel stuck!!!!!--

need to loose weight

Ok so im going to TRY to lose about 15 pounds so my results will look awesome I need to loose some belly and arms lets see how this goes!


Just some random pics in comfy clothes

sx so far away and im getting anxious!

Omg im gettin so anxious I know my fiance is so tired of me tlkn about how good im a look in this and tht. I just wish I cld snap my fingers and it wld be dne with lol what a wish huh? Oh yea and special thnks to kristy for fixing my page:) thnk u kristy u r the best


Ok so ive been lurking and ive came across a few dolls that hve had some burns from the lipo. Ive heard the stories from DR but the stories im reading are from docs in the u.s is this smthng tht just depends on how ur body tkes it or what?

srry dolls

Srry for posting this I know this blog is just about my journey but I am feeling like im fu***** pregnant. I pray my cycle cms in a cple days I am not ready for another one and I really dnt want to hve to be planning another sx. Ugggghhhh I just need to pray. Im getting so frustrated even thinking about it.

something is pulling me to DR

Ok so for the last cple days smthng has really been bothering me nd its yily. Not in a bad way but after all the bad stories nd how scared I wld be to go out there smthng is literally pulling me twards her I cnt explain it. I hve already put 1000 dwn for rami nd the recovery house sooooo yea im not wastin 1000 dollars. I dnt understand when I first saw the reviews about DR and yily I was like hell naw I cld not go out of the country and get sx and knowing sme women didnt cme back its fu**in scary out there im already just as scared to go to florida. But for sme odd reason im feelin like dang I wish I cld go to her. Did n y body else hve this feeling I mean I had a dream tht baez from DR was preping me for sx. Its driving me crazy help!


Ok so ive just been fantasizing lookin in the mirror thinkin about how my bodys gnna look after sx then I started to notice smthng my stomach hangs.... its like theres no fat at the bottom of it but it hangs super low mannnnnn I do not want a tt

some pucs of the recovery house I will be staying at:)

feelin like I wanna get out of my skin

Did any one feel kind of depressed pre op? The reason I ask is b/c im so ready for this sx. Ive never been tge one with low self esteem but Ive been hvn low self esteem for the past 6 mnths. I wnt go out or anything. Now I dnt know if its just my self esteem bringin me down or what but I kind of been feelin like my fiance is really kind of disgusted by my body nd idk if its cuz we hve been together for a long time or if its just me. Sometimes he does hit soft spots like "girl look at ur stomach from the side lemme tke a pic nd show you" now he is playfull but its a soft spot for me. I used to literally stay in the mirror all day not b/c I was concieded but I just loved the way I looked but now I literally cry sometimes. I hve a chubby face nd fat stomach no hips no butt im just a mess and im so ready for this surgery I really need this for MYSELF!!!!

lol this sx is causing chatter

So funniest thing happened today... I was on my lunch break and inside wendys, while I was waiting inside in the line I hear 2 females. Here are there words."omg her butt looked so good and her stomach came out so flat and yea tht surgery is definitely a winner, but girl we gone talk more about it when we get out this line".lol I wanted to turn around and say yes ladies and I will be getting tht sx sep 23rd and yes it is wonderful!! Lmao I swear I wnted to let them know its ok nothing to hide, im in the same boat as yall. I hust had to share this with yall it was just too funny to me.


So ive been trying to keep a positive attitude but im so mad tht my doc does the wrk half the price over at vanity cosmetics! Idk what to do im kind of pissed


So when I came to this website I seen all positivity and warmth. But now its just crazy. Im way past drama nd negativity! Therefore I dnt need or need to see any smart comments or just plain ignorant comments. I call them "internet gangstas". But ny ways everyone is grown nd shld hve a grwn woman conversation. Not fill the post op and pre op dolls with negativity over stupid petty things and with tht being said im a just sit back in the cut. And to all of you positive dolls much love?

forgott to add

Forgott to add someone kind of made me get out of character for a lil bit and im not lettin tht hppen ny more so it is what it is. Will not be indulging into anymore. Now.... back to the sx plans and nthn else

things for sx

Ok dolls.... so its time for me to start stocking up on things. All I know pre op is iron pills multivitamins etc but post op an extra faja, pineapple juice, no salt, hibiclens,gauze,tape,soap,Neosporin,bobby pillow, yoga mat, maxis, paraschuette panties lol. I think im missing smthn help!

I ?yall

So I really dont know what I wld do without you beautiful women. I swear I dnt even think I wldve gotten this far into my sx. I prob wldve just kept fantisizing instead of making it reality. Ive seen the good the bad and the ugly. I thnk yall so much for the love, support, and constant teaching about the experiences.

typo above

I ? yall


Well just tlked to jess at vanity I will be having a phone convo with him. Seems tht theres been a lot of questioning about where he is. Jessicas wrds were he is now here full time. He will most likely finish the girls that hve paid in full. But anywho im a need elite to call me back this is getting out of hand!

ok.... im really thinkin about switching to vanity!!!

Ok so dr.g has not called me although I hust spoke to jessica and he has been busy I am really thinking about hvn a face to face consultation with dr.g at vanity. Maybe in a cple mnths or so. I do beliece Jessica is telling the truth. Yes I feel more comfortable with eps I love nancy but if ghurani decided to move past tht chapter im all with him! Ladies this is just ridiculous and I dbt hve time for the games tht are being played about this eps has 1000 dollars of mine. Tht 1000 is for ghurani!!! With tht bein said eps better cme on wit it nd call back with an explination! Im not tryin to play hide n seek, peak a boo, or any other type of childish games. Srry yall but im a lil pissed and frustrated

more pre op pics***

Heres a few more pre op pics im gnna hve the hubby tke sme from the back its kind of hard doing it by myself.

im scared

Ok yall so I went to the dentist and drumroll....... I have 12 cavaties and 2 root canalas!!!! I havent been to the dentist in 11 yrs.Im scared shitless my point is how the heck am I gnna get myself through this sx if im scared as hell to sit in a dentists chair to fix my teeth!

waiting to hear from nancy

Ok so I got an e mail last night from nancy saying she was srry she didnt get to call me yesterday it was busy bc of consultation day and tht she wld call me today. Im waiting.... i hve so mny questions for her esp like why is ghurani listed on RS as his practice is ghurani plastic surgery with their adress under it?and how long will he be there? And what about the girls tht have a deposit dwn? And more! So I will be sure to update as soon as I tlk to her.

no call from nancy

So ive been waiting kn the infamous call from nancy but guess what that didnt happen. I called her around 3 the girl took a msg. Im very pissed she knows exactly what im callin about I emailed her about this last week now im tryin to be patient but its wearin very thin with them I know they are busy but she told me she wld call me today and also if someone has such a concern as I do you wld clarify tht asap right???

puttin deposit dwn tommorow:)

Well I will be puttin dwn a deposit dwn tomorrow AGAIN here we gooooooo! I hve almost half my sx just a cple hundred away!!! Im ready for this to be dne bd over with so I can move on to the nxt which are my breast! Well ttyl for now xoxoxo

yall im soooo obsessed

I am absolutely in love with her shape!!! I need my tumny flat asap!! Omg yall I wish I wish I wish!!!!!!!


Why arent my pics loading gnna try again!

ok lets try this again... my new wish pics!!!!

Her body is the ish!!! Clearly im obsessed lol


Yaaayy im a realfriend!!! Thnk you RS and most of all thnk all of dolls muah xoxo

vanity get it together!

Ok so I know vanity is unorganized and blah blah blah but when theres cash money being put on the line, hotels bein booked, vacation times bien put in for wrk, guess what I really could care less how busy they are or behind they are. Im very frustrated right now about the things im seeing goin on with vanity. I will not feel at ease until I see my doctor face to face. Seems to me they are just tellin ppl stuff but are really not tkn the action to do what were supposed to do in the first place naw naw naw doesnt wrk like tht. they need to get it together like now!

im goin crazy

Ok im getting stressed I feel like smthn is always gettin in my way.... ugghhh man I dnt understand why? Is god tryin to tell me smthn? Evwrything is so crazy right now with vanity. Oh yea forgott to mention elite. Like wtf why cant this happen right for me right now!:(

im feeling better and more at peace

Well first of all I wld like to say thnk you to all of you beautiful women for ur support..... salasbarbie nd needmorejunkinmytrunk.... I ?yall((hugs))). Im gnna tke it one day at a time and just pray for the best. And I thnk all of you dolls for everything!!!


I dnt know why everytime I use my heart symbol it places it then it turns into a question mark lol typo above its I heart yall not ? Yall lol

no support once again

So my fiance was helping me count my money for the sx tht I hve saved up nd I miscounted and he threw the money and was like "got damn you always actin stupid and you know what I dnt wanna hear about all this bbl ish, im not goin wit you to FL for ur consult. Dont tell me nthn I mean nthn about it!!!" Yall I live with this man nd of course thts the person I always tlk to about my sx hes my best friend! Im just like wow he must hve been thinkin like this all the time. Its kind of lime he flipped for no reason... he smetimes does flip out nd get aggrivated for stupid things but he knows this is smthng I want so bad! Oh nd also a cple weeks ago he was like we prob not gne be together 2015 cuz u gne think u the ish. Like wtf I let tht go but now im just pissed!

pre op pics(old body)

Here are a cple pre ops taken 2 yrs ago

I cnt wait!!!

Yall I cnt wait to put my booty in theese after sx


Forgott one

consultation at vanity

So I will be having a face to face consultation at vanity with both ghurani and fisher on march 21st I will not put half of my sx dwn until I see my doctor face to face so with tht bein said I wont get a date until I put my half dwn! Hopefully I can get a june date when I go dwn there bc I want to get this dne while my kids are out of school. Pray for my girls!!!

typo above

Pray for ME girls thnkx!!xoxo

sooooo anxious

Ok dolls I hve to say I am way too anxious im feelin like mar 21st is too far away.... vanity is boomin nd bangin right now.... like I said before I do have half the money to put dwn for a date but I dnt feel comfortable doing it until I see my doc in person. Ok another issue im really feelin fisher right at this moment now I do hve consultations with both ghurani nd fisher but fisher is gettin real popular right at this moment and at my consult if I decide to go with him im prob not goin to get my june date tht I reallllly want!!! Omg im all over the place. Idk what to do yall.

yellpp... my gish thid anxiety isnt going away!!!!!!!

Ok so my post above abt bein so with my consult nd everything. I WANT my june date and I feel like its not gnna be there cme mar 21st ugghhh. I keep tellun myself its ok everything will wrk out but the reality is fisher is already booked until april. So just imagine what it wld be when i decide what i wanna do in a cple mnths eeekkkk And idk about sched right now but I want both my options to be open... I think im a pull my damn hair out seriously man come on mar 21st hurrrrrrry up!!!

typos lol

"My gosh this anxiety isnt goin away" ( I hate this damn phone)

hey loves

Ok so I know I have a super long journey ahead of me but ive decided to record myself along with this crazy journey detail for detail got the idea from callmedushi nd lesliemosoko! Gotta luv yall! Stay tuned dolls muah xoxo

honest opinion please!

Ok dolls so I am 5'1/5'2 ish im short with kind of slim legs idk if its bc I dnt hve any hips tht my legs look smaller or what. I def know once I get sme hips my body will be way more proportionate. But heres my ? Do yall think I will look cray with a big donk nd hips kind of like irenethedream... ive been kind of wanting the more natural look but now not so sure! Irene is very short but carries her body well. Please ladies honest opinions I value them! And also do you think my legs will look bigger when hips are filled in? Thnks xoxo

conformation from jessica

Conformation DONE now gtta book my flight!!!


Ok so booking a flight is really wearin on me the ish is waaaay too high not including taxis hotels nd food omg wtf am I gnna dooooooo??????

diet time

Ok so for the ladies that are trying to loose before sx..... I will be going on my exclusive diet feb 1st! The ingredients are fruits and vegetables mixed together... blend them un a blender and wha la there you hve it!!! I have a friend that has lost 10 pounds in two weeks yall. Thus is going to be hard but its gnna be so worth it at the end. However I do plan on excersizing and eating right after my sx also. Im gnna post sme pics of what the drink looks like.


Ladies I just got off the phone with jessica she just told me ghurani is no longer doing bbls period!!! And he has cut all ties with the bbl. Im speechless woooooowwww!

my thoughts on all this!

Ok so heres my thoughts on the whole vanity ghurani thing...... too much stress, lying, wasting money, time, vac! This shit is kind of unreal. But im a keep my head nd keep searchin for a doc. Im really pissed and confused as hell but life goes on now for the girls tht hve dates GO GET YOUR MONEY!!! I am just disgusted as in whats goin on! Ive read sooooooo mny reviews today about vanity idk im just tired of all the bs and run around with my journey so far. So its back to the drawin board for me.

searching for a new doc!

Ok so I did say I wanted to just kind of tke a break from the bbl but damn a girl wants this sx bad! I hve sacrafised so much for this sx.... any suggestions on any ps will be very helpful.

back on the bbl train!!!

Ok so ive been just spendin soendin on birthdays lately. Ive been really pinchin out my money seriously!!! I feel like I hve to start all over but its ok cux my b day is next nd all im askin for is mula bby. Its time to get this ball rollin on my sx lets get it lol as soon as I find a PS( I hve faith( im a get my back right nd this is gnna hppn!!! Xoxo

hey dolls!

Just bored decided to update on things..... well I hvnt found another surgeon yet kind of irritating and im getting a little impatient! I really wish I had the guts to go to the DR. Im scary though lol. Duran did quote me 3800 for just the bbl a while back. Idk yall im still on my search. I pray I find a doc pretty soon!

more pre op pics im bored lol

I can only imagine how mny pics I will tke post op lol... nd excuse the mess!:)

hey beauties:)

So im tryin to put a deposit dwn for dr.s arianny answer your phooonnnee!!! Lol I love them anyways wi give more detail after deposit is made!


I am officialy scheduled 8/13 for salzhauer........ im getting lipo on my arms,flanks,entire back,and abdomen!!!! And fat transfer to butt nd hips!! Yaaayy im so happy I hve alot of faith in this doc nd plus hes been givin sme wonderful bodies!!!

All I want for my birthday is a big booty lol

Heres my birthday song" happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, happy birthday to meeeeee, I wish I had a bootieee!!! Lol

I feel so special:)

So I come home from work check the mail and I have a letter from salzhauers pc arianny... I love tht they tke the time out to do things like this. jm so hppy I found him!

ordered a post op outfit... dont laugh

So I ordered this sexy outfitt for my post op I tried it on yall dnt laugh! I took alot of front pics for yall but I didnt even hve to courage to put up the backside pics it was terrible!!!lol I also posted a pic of what the outfit looked like on the model:)

pics didnt upload ok trying again!

hardcover book

I have recieved my hardcover beautiful book from dr.s with pre and post op instructions, and also his wunder tape that is used to lift the booty lol


Ok, so I really just need some advice on nurses for aftercare for dr. Salzhauer affordable but good as well! I need a nurse with a car also tht can tke me where I need to go please throw out sme good nurses!!-

I cant wait!

So im up lookin stupid in the bed while my bf sleeps away now this might be a lil too much info but we usually hve on sun. All of a sudden hes not in the mood.... wtf sinse when??? Now he still is playing with my fat nd saying omg look at ur stomach its so big i honestly think he is just turned off by it idk smthns up. Im so uncomfortable myself I might it the wrong way but thts just how im takin it I hate this ill be happy when my insecurities dnt effect what ppl say or feel. Idk im in my feelings lol

chicken legs

Ok so ive updated about this subject before...my legs are so small they are completely off with my body! Anyways my question is do yall think it wld look funny with a big booty with theese legs honest opinions. Oh nd excuse the night ckothes nd hair I look a mess lol


Forgott I will post some far away pics of legs also here goes please excuse this big as* t shirt it mkes me look humungo at top!

hotels nd flights

There are so mny hotels nd flights for a good price right now! Idk if I shld wait until my sx is paid off or go ahead and book!

txtng with dr.salz

Yall this doc is amazing by far the service to the asses Ive seen im so happy I found him! Anyways when I had my consult he gave me his personal cell as he does to all of his patients and told me if I had any questions to ask him soooooo... (this man prolly thinks im cray) but I txted hjm asking him about my stomach nd my wish pics again! replied in seconds and assured me he will do his best and to stay positive! Lol im positive I kind of just wanted to see if he wld really attend to my question. Wheeww yall his service is KILLING game right now in my opinion!:)


Ok its time to stop smoking like ive said before I have been a heavy smoker for about 10 yrs(started very early) I hve an electronic cig but I need help any advice for heavy smokers had to quit besides chantix???

wow not my doc but look what I found in my town!

So I see this billboard today abt 5 min from my house im in dallas lol most of theese girls get shots but now they are gnna reasearch this ish damnnnn man I need my sx quick lol. Then its right in the hood too


Ok maybe im going overboard lol im getting lipo on arms, flanks,abdomen,entire back, and maybe chin... I want a makeover I hve a vision lol

more pre ops

So im trying to put as mny pre op pics as possible idk abt u guys but I love to mke comparisions betwwen pre and post pics. So I want to see alot of both here goes... and lol again excuse the dirty mirror I cleaned it yesterday srry the maid usually cleans for me as you can tell its been a while but shell be here tomorrow so no more dirty pics lol xoxo

forgott one^^

Oops forgott one look how my tummy hangs with a crease on my waistline eiwwww

breast lift

I am debating if I shld get a ba with no implants with my bbl. Idk which way to go with this one!mmmmmmm gtta keep thinkin!

body shaper

Hello beauties well I made my first purchase for my sx yaaayy. Thank you azzmatazz for letting us know abt this wonderful shaper from burlington. I bought mine in a two piece form the top is tightttttt as hell its a med and the bottoms are a larfe and also the bootoms have a booty cup for ur new booty I love it! I did like the one piece shaper as well but the rwo piece made more sense to me my top shld be way smaller than my bottom after sx so I didnt feel like the one piece was for me (which comes in one size, so if its a large so the top) anyways ive attached sme photos. Until next time loves xoxo

update above^^^

And also even though I feel like the 2 piece shaper makes more sense im still going to be a little more opened minded and try the one piece heck I might like it better u never know....

sx almost paid 5 mnths in advance!!!:)

By the grace of god I only owe 600 for my sx. I did not expect this to happen like this. I shld be paid in full in the nxt cple weeks I hve so many mixed feelings, excited,overwhelmed, scared,nervous! I feel guilty for using all this money yall. I dnt want anything to get in my way I hope everything goes smooth so far so good. But this guilty feeling is horrible. I just hve so mny feelings goin on right now. This ish is getting very real!

Special shot out to my girl d'swifey

Go show her some support she's having sx first thing in the am 7:15. Prayers are very helpful. Thank you beauties xoxo

I am so ready!

This waiting is Killin me seriously! Omg I want my booty NOOOOWWW!!!!!lol lord give me patience!

deleted pics (Will post more)

At first I didn't care now for my privacy I do so I will repost all my pics the right way tomorrow! Pre op pics are very important to me so I will Def do that. Xoxo

All my pre op pics


It took me an hour to go through theese and edit them I don't think I've posted all of them but you get the point.. I'll be taking some more nude ones tonight I have a lot of pre op pics with clothes! I really think pre op pics are just as important as post that way you can compare better! Xoxo

Any ladies going to travel spirit?

I'm on spirits website and if you are traveling Apr - June on a Tues or Wed you have a 1 way for 30 dollars! Plus tax like 50! Go to the website and click on daily deals or travel deals

booked my flight!

So I booked flight with American airlines still need to find a place to stay. but at least I booked this being I'm paying for 2 tickets I didn't want the price to go up any more!

Booked my stay

So I booked my stay yaayy lol I will be staying at the best western in ft.lauderdale for 10 nights! I got the king suite for 896. I don't have to pay until I arrive they also had free airport shuttle so that was really a go for me oh and I'm close to dania beach!:)


Not on dania beach just part of the hotels name it's actually very far from the beach lol I might have a change of plans I'm already changing my mind no worries though I can always cancel for no charge! I think this is too far!

realself withdraws

Hello my beauties, it feels like its been soo long lol I dropped my phone and most of my screen was pitch black so no realself for me or anything for these couple of days it felt like weeks lol my stupid tablet wouldnt let me sign in but anyways I will not staying at the best western its too far from dr.salz I will be finding another place tonight! Will you posted xoxoxo


Oh and another thing I lost ALL my wish pics and believe me I had about 50 to chose from lol I have to start alllll over I had supolues I would screen shot now I have nothing stupid galaxy lol


Supply list I would screen shot

supplies I purchased

So my man got a 90 dollar gift card from wal mart I went crazy lol. Man this stuff is expensive. He was nice enough to let me use all of it lol. He didnt really have a choice lol. I bought hibiclens, gauze, tape, parachute panties(grannys) vitamins c and iron, chux pads(doggy pads, neosporin,bandages, arnica gel, oh and my lovely bobby, I think I got the actual bobby brand its pretty and pink and it feels very comfortable it was kind of expensive it was on sale for 32$. But hey its gonna be my bff so why not lol. I still need to get a size bigger panties, arnica tabs, robe, comfy socks, and some new nike slip ons, pee funnel(They did not have one I was mad lol), 3 maxis. And I think thats about it for now xoxoxo

new wish pics

Ok so like many others im starting to love this girls shape! Ms.yaris sanchez I think she is acheivable for me we are around the same height and her body frame before was similar to mine her stomach wasnt as big as mine though... her stomach is wide while mine is droopy:( yall I really want a tt and breast lift with my bbl I wish I could afford it right now .this is so impirtant to me im finding myself stressing because I want the tt and lift sooooo bad to complete my vision!!!! And i want a one and done so i hope i will be ok after the bbl bc the tt and lift make your results so beautiful and perfect and thats what im looking for.Anyways let me know if yall think shes acheviable for me please all honesty!!!

place to stay!!!!

Ok so after many many headaches I think ive found a place to stay!!! Best western plus windsor inn. Its 8 min from dr.salz and its affordable! Nothing dantastic but I think or I pray its do able!

smh at vanity

So I get an e mail from vanity idk y they still send me ish. Lol they always got some sale going for the week if you pay in full or book like they are selling stuff on e bay or smthn. This place is a joke I cant believe my dumb a** was going to them. The dics there are ok but thats it!! Anyways just wanted to make some ppl laugh(the girls that have had an experience with them)xoxo


Lol not dics *docs*
Miami Plastic Surgeon

I havent gotten sx yet but so far he has been awesome!!!

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Another thing, yes he will do his best but apparently when u r not starting from scratch, ur butt will only accept so much fat, he said that my fat started coming back out of the small holes at 1300 each cheek, so he knew he had to stop. My ass skin is still tight and feels like it's being stretched beyond capacity...lol. Just be realistic with ur goals, I think a lot of our 'wish pics' are either photoshopped or most definitely hotel room injections.Good luck!
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Thats good to know area the hotel and its location thanks!!! And also yea I know about alot of the wish pics being photoshopped!!! Thats exactly why I want a tt and lift so it can enhance the way my booty will look. I might do that later if needed! But I am being as realistic as possible thats why I changed my wish pics to yaris, might not get exactly that but anything is better than thus shape now! And lol at the skin being stretched to capacity
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The Best Western Windsor Inn is nice. It is centrally located. You can walk to world market grocery store, Ross, Walgreens, and a few eateries. Try Vega's burger spot right across from the hotel once u get ur appetite back, which I haven't yet. Oh, make sure u have dollars because there is a toll going into and coming from his office. Its just $1 each way.
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Girl I think finding a GOOD place to stay was harder than deciding on Salz smh
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Tell me about it! I feel like nothings really good enough its black or white with all theese places. Its like youll get this but you wont get that! So many pros and cons please dont get me started today I dont want a migraine
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I MusT have that white outfit you bought for "post surgery". Where did you find it ??
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My co worker actually has a cousin that has a botique so she ordered it from her in New orleans! I had to actually give it to my co worker though it was too big in the back and im not talking about the booty part lmao. The part that goes on my back was hanging.. but thank you!
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Typo *boutique*
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I will be nothing but honest with you ! Of course it's an achievable look for you. Girl, me and u are feeling the same way about the TT and breast. I really don't care how hard the recovery is at this point .... I just want my vision too and we're gonna have to be tough and DO IT !!!! TT is def a must for me but I think you could do without it ! I think your tummy will be fine with just lipo. I understand " the vision" lol !!! I really just want it all done in one too :).... My boobs I can wait for. Actually I'm not even sure I want them yet. But I know for sure, well almost positive that I'm getting my TT with my bbl. I just don't wanna compromise my results in any way :-/ that's really the only thing I'm worried about. But after seeing iwannahugebutt.... If she could do it , WE can !!! And so many others do it too. You know the new videos RS added with the docs explaining different topics . ...Check out DR. Salz on combining procedures.
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Thank you I gtta check tht out but I really really want my lift!!! With my bbl this shit is just so expensive! I paid cash so ughhh. Yea ive already spent 9000. I have sacrificed everything for this sx. All my money goes to my sx and im still spending! Man I want my boobs!
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You are doing so good on your supplies sis. Your day will be here before you know it (I know it doesn't feel like it but it will). I'm glad you aren't showing your beautiful face in your pics. There are crazies out there.. Especially when you post the nudie pics. You never know who will get ahold of your pics. Creeps me out. I'm super private though. Thanks for all your love and support this entire time. You have picked me up so many times. Love ya ma! Xoxo
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Awww your welcome no prob!You have been such a help as well:)
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You racked up at Walmart damnnn lol awww ur boo is being supportive in his own little way :) that was sweet of him babe!
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Yea I guess lol he be sometimin like wishy washy
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Girllll no! But guess what...its time for part two of your journal! That could be it....
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Oh no lol I havent even got started yet lol I can only imagine how many parts I will have for 1 bbl lol
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NO RS !!! You musta been going coo-coo lol ;p & wish pics gone .... Oooo NOoo :D.
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Lol I was seriously no wish pics no supply list no nothing have to start alllll over I had so many wish pics oh well lol
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I am happy for you! :)
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Thank you boo I just need to get my place to stay and save up a little more money for the stsy, food, and nurse for 24 hours then hopefully By the grace of god im on my way!!!
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Good luck to you !!!
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Thanks hun!
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Yay! That ia as great price sweetie. It almost time for us to me made over...
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I know this is crazy
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