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Love It! It's My Wrinkle Preventor Secret - Dallas, Tx

I started using Botox in Feb of this year. (2010)...

I started using Botox in Feb of this year. (2010) After reading other reviews on here, it's correct that it lasted about 2 months the first couple times. I'm on my 3rd treatment and it's holding strong so far, and it's December. Message me if you have questions!

Dr. Bill Johnson

He always has made me feel comfortable when I come in, and I've been very happy with his work.

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Britt, it's just maintenance. Even though I got fat transfer into my face to help the wrinkles I had, it does not keep me from getting new wrinkles! ;) The Botox should keep my investment (face!) looking as good as possible for as long as possible!
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Good point!


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Hi Dallaslissett, 

Welcome to the Botox community. Even after your Facelift surgery Botox is still needed, I didn't know you would still need to do that, is it just maintenance more than anything? Please keep us updated and thanks for the review.



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