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Dr. Malouf's excellent reputation

Dr. Malouf's excellent reputation

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I've heard about Dr. Malouf for the past four years and finally decided to come and have m evaluate my face. The center has been very responsive and I am looking forward to developing a great relationship.

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Have you had any procedure yet or are you still thinking about one? 



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I had a long, very informative, and encouraging consultation with Julie Cook at Dr. Malouf's office in Fort Worth yesterday afternoon. I left the office an hour later feeling very confident about pursuing some of the very comprehensive facial improvement services offered by both Julie Cook and Dr. Malouf. Julie has some great relationship-building skills. She is very easy to talk to and was also very knowledgeable about the problems I asked her about. She seemed very honest and trust-worthy to me and those characteristics are very important to me. I look forward to meeting Dr. Malouf soon for a follow up to my consultation with Julie Cook.
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