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Accutane in 1983 -Dallas, TX

I took accutane in my 20's after trying very thing...

I took accutane in my 20's after trying very thing else for my moderate non-cystic acne with great results. I shared Accutane with my brother in law that had severe cystic acne and scarring and he also had great results- neither one of us had to repeat although bro in law has taken antibiotics to this day.
My question to you all is this- I am 56 - when I see a young person with severe acne I always want to tell the about Accutane- generally people are receptive but I have embarrassed a few outright although I try to approach in a positive way like" you are way to pretty to put up with that acne heard of Accutane ? My husband gets embarrassed and walks away- what do you all think? Should I keep my big mouth shut or share my life changing success story that they could share? Let me know what you think and how old you are- male or female - thanks in advance


I appreciate your heart behind wanting to help people, but I'm not sure if telling them about Accutane is the best approach. The person might not be as self conscious as you think...until a stranger says something to them about it. If they are aware and are bothered by it, more than likely they are going to be talking to their doctor and/or Googling for things to cure it. If you do feel its best to talk to them about it, at least get them off somewhere private so they don't feel "exposed" in front of whoever else happens to be there (such as your husband). Those are my two cents, again, I know what you are doing is coming from a good place and that is really awesome!

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I've felt the same way. Especially when I see a serious case that causes low self-esteem to the person (Sometimes is really obvious, they hide their faces). Although mine was never so serious, I wish that all people with acne forget what it feels like to have it, and move on to something else. However, I too am not sure about telling. Contradictory, would be easier to tell this to a stranger that I will never see again. Maybe they could consider it rude, but then perhaps they'll be curious. Especially if you tell them "Hey, I had acne. Can you believe it?"
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