Still Not 100% Sure if I Should - Dallas, TX

I havent got breast implants yet but I have been...

I havent got breast implants yet but I have been looking around at prices and reviews and pictures, but im not sure yet what I should do, if I should go through with it or not. Give me some advice and tips if yall can, reviews on your own experiences would be great as well as any help yall can spare.
Go for it girl! You only live once.
if you are over 20 your breast are just if not done growing.... get them implants if you want better symmetry they may have to lift those nipples. you may want a little at the waist.. but invest time it may take a year before you find the right doctor for you.
I've been reading a lot of good about fat grafting. A lot of people prefer that over implants. Have you considered this option?
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