Smartlipo 9/2/2011 - Dallas, TX

My experience is great and Im only 2 days from my...

My experience is great and Im only 2 days from my procedure. I can already see a diffrence and I am still very swollen and in pain.... Will see how it looks after a week or two...I had my upper and lower abs , arms , love handles and flanks done procedure!!!Excited to see the final results!!!

Welcome to RealSelf! Glad to hear you're doing well. Please keep us posted as the swelling goes down.

Well I am in day 7, and just contacted my doctor about getting more swollen then the forst 2, 3 days, just wanted check if its norma.. So he said yes Im not so happy about that part but he said I have to wait 2 weeks before most of it goes down... I have my appt Sept 13, will see how I am that day..
Well you're almost 2 months out now...happy with the results?
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