Painful Tattoo Removal

Several months ago I had my first laser treatment...

Several months ago I had my first laser treatment of a 20+ year old ankle tattoo. The nurse placed Lidocaine gel on the tattoo for 30 minutes prior to the laser. The lasering only lasted about 15 minutes but it was EXTREMELY painful. It was almost 9 weeks for the area to heal and I never picked at it.

I am very happy with the results but am unable to bring myself to go through the pain again. Is there any reason why the area can't be numbed, like a dentist would your mouth, before the using the laser?


The tattoo I'm removing is also on my ankle and my doctor told me that the ankle was one of the more painful areas for lasers to work on. (It feels like burning hot grease repeatably shot on my skin with a BB gun!) You should be able to get some sort of injection if you're using a doctor. I tried numbing cream last time and it made a huge difference with the pain, but I'm not sure the treatment worked as well. I've read that sometimes numbing cream can interfere with the laser.
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There is no reason that it can't be injected to numb it before using the laser. Mine was and had very little to no pain during and after the session. Good luck
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I had my second laser tattoo removal done yesterday and they injected me both times prior to using the laser. Once it had worn off, it was very painful. Today is much better. I am expecting the healing to be about 4 weeks. My next treatment is in 10 weeks.
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The procedure was performed by the nurse who was somewhat unprofessional. It was EXTREMELY painful and took a very long time to heal.

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