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I bought a Groupon for a microdermabrasion and...

I bought a Groupon for a microdermabrasion and photofacial for 150 dollars. The micro came on the first visit. I enjoyed the "facial" part. The micro part felt like you were being licked by a cat.

My skin felt great right after the treatment. Over the course of several days, I noticed my skin was drier than usual, but I just kept puring on the lotion. The pores on my nose were much less noticable and some of the discoloration on my face was gone. Overall, a good experience. I will be having this done again.

Hi Kendarc,

Welcome to the Microdermabrasion community. Yay, glad you had a  positive experience, and you can't beat a groupon deal. ;) Are you going to go back again in the future? Do you have pictures you are comfortable sharing? Please keep us updated.

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