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Falling Face After 3 Years

The wires have fallen and so has my face. It just...

The wires have fallen and so has my face. It just did not last and now I look uneven. I can feel where the wires are in my cheeks and now the jowls are back. I looked great after 4 months of healing. then it all started to go back again.

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There are no wires. With the LL you are having your excess skin removed. Seriously...get your facts straight...
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True, Contour Thread (still feels like a wire). Anyway, it slipped and after a couple of years I'm back to where I was. $6000 for the procedure and I looked like I was beat up for 6 weeks. The eye lift worked better than expected and still looks good.
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There are no wires involved with Lifestyle Lift. This is a procedure known as Contour Thread Lift or the Diamond Wire (and other names). One year in I am totally satisfied with the eye lift and "jowl" lift I got from Lifestyle Lift. Down time is greater: it took about 5 months for all of the swelling to go down, the bruising took one month to go away. They can do the procedure in less than an hour on your lunch break - but don't plan on a public appearance for a good 2 months.

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What wires are you talking about? The LSL doesn't use wires. The skin is pulled up and sutured in place. After 3 years those should be healed.
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Wires? What wires? I haven't been able to find out exactly what the procedure is.
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