No Improvement - an expensive and painful procedure - Dallas, TX

After reading reviews I phoned the medical spa to...

After reading reviews I phoned the medical spa to ask about the pain and was told that serveral months ago the protocol was changed and the procedure was much less painful now. I had Ultherapy - full face and neck - a few days ago and though it was very uncomfortable at times, it was not unbearable. I was given a valium and ibuprofin right before the procedure which took about an hour and a half. Afterward my skin looked welted, but that was gone the next day. Am still a bit swollen and tender to the touch, but no bruising at all. I don't see any changes, but understand it will take a few months, so I'll update then.

A bit more than a month since I had the procedure...

A bit more than a month since I had the procedure and I see no results at all. None. I hope this wasn't a painful, and very expensive mistake. I'll post again in another month.

After two months, still no results. I am very...

After two months, still no results. I am very unhappy with Ultherapy - an expensive and painful procedure. The medical spa where I got the procedure has not followed-up at all to determine what the results have been, so I suspect they really did not expect any.
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Hey Madison, have you seen any improvements at all? I'm 5 weeks out today and see no changes yet. Just wondering if you're seeing any improvements currently? I had mine done in Cleveland and they don't even want to see me until the 4 month mark. I'm wondering if we need to give it a little more time?? Would love an update...........=)
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Oh no! :( Its totally understandably why you would be frustrated since you didn't see any noticeable results. Sorry to hear you didn't get any followup from the medi-spa you went to. That can definitely make it feel worse. :-/

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Thanks for letting us know how your Ultherapy went. Its really helpful to hear from people who have had the treatment under the new protocols.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts as time goes on!

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