Xanthomas Around Eyelids

I would not refer anyone to the surgeon I used the...

I would not refer anyone to the surgeon I used the first time. The dermatologist I used the second time did an okay job except I was locked inside the building twice because they "forgot" I was in a room waiting.

The actual drop down thing I needed wasn't there. I have xanthomas around my eyes. Had them surgically removed the firs time, the second time they were just sliced off. They've now come back worse then ever. I've heard I can freeze them off with wart remover...any suggestions? I'm desperate. I refuse to be seen in public until these are gone and cannot afford to go have them all removed again.

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Using garlic cloves did the trick.

If you're wanting to get rid of xanthomas, garlic cloves held on them for as long as you can stand it until the area is raw will do the trick. Mine did come back after about 8 months, but it cost me less than a dollar and the healing time was shorter than the dermatologists.


That is really interesting.  When they came back after 8 months did you reapply the garlic to make them go away?  How often did you apply garlic?
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The first time they came back I did it all over again, but have no stated using the garlic clove every few months as maintenance. If you do it for the first time your eyes will be swollen almost closed after a couple of days and it's like putting acid on the xanthomas and will get raw. I use Vasaline on the areas and that really seemed to make it heal faster. After about 4 or 5 days I can cover it up with powder make up like Bare Minerals or something. Just cut the clove in half and it's shaped like a half moon and I score it a little to get the juice on it. Don't dare get it into your eyes.
Thanks for sharing your methods for treating xanthomas, I think out community will find this helpful.  I appreciate the extra info :)
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He left me scarred.

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