Dark Reddish Purple Stripes After IPL Fotofacial - Dallas, TX

Help, I had an IPL Friday in a dermatologist's...

Help, I had an IPL Friday in a dermatologist's office with years of experience. I have type II skin. I now have stripes on my cheek on one side and red/purple under my chin. I saw the Dr today, and was told that I had burns which is very unusual with this IPL and a blonde haired green eyed lady with minimal discomfort during the procedure. I was given Biafine, Protopic, Aquafor, and told to stay out of the sun and wear lots of sunscreen. I am petrified that this will last a long time or be permanent.

The office was clean and very busineslike. I was treated by the physcian personally. Minimal discomfort during the procedure. No complaints at all.

What happened? Of interest, my sister worked for a doctor who gave her an IPL and she has permanent scarring of her check. She is much darker complected than I am, so we thought I would be safe. Any other suggestions? What can I do to get rid of these ugly strips on my cheek?

Sleepdoc There are suppose to be NO Burns with IPL!!The burns you got are happening more frequently now than doctors are admitting to, because they are treating to aggressively and user higher setting, which are resulting in the burns. I would not recommend getting anymore!!! There are hundreds of victims on various sites telling their stories of burns, fat loss, vision problems, hypo scaring, etc. I am one of them and I had this done 6 months ago my story is here under IPL-Destroyed-my-face-and-chest. There are serious side effects happening, most irreversible, that doctors, esthetians and the manufactures are NOT telling us about. Please make sure you file a complaint against this person with the State you live in and take pictures weekly to have proof if things get worse. Several us are are researching to find an way to get this out to the public. If you are already experiencing any adverse reaction, please cancel future appointments, I don't want you to end up like hundreds of us with permanent damage. Hopefully, you will heal just fine, but for the hundreds of us out there, please heed our warning.
Please be careful!
Care to elaborate---Concern or Threat?
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