2 Week Post-op from my Breast Augmentation Via Transaxillary Incision

I am 2 week post-op from my breast augmentation...

I am 2 week post-op from my breast augmentation via transaxillary incision, submuscular placement of 275cc round moderate profile silicone implants & lipo of the axilla.

I choose to finally undergo breast augmentation b/c I wanted a more balanced figure. I have always had a small frame so I choose to go from an AA cup to a full B cup. I wanted to find a PS who speacialized in tranaxillary incisions b/c I wanted to avoid scars on my breasts. In addition, I wanted to improved the overall appearance of the area under my arms responsible for the dreaded "bra fat". Doing both procedures simultaneously increased the amount of bruising & pain I experienced post-op & unfortunaltely I developed several swollen lymph nodes underneath my armpits.

I went in for my post-op consult w/ my PS & I have developed a few swollen lymph nodes of the axilla... Should I be concerned about this complication? What treatments & home remedies will help speed up the healing process? On average, how long does it take for them to subside?


The swollen lymph nodes may or may not be a big deal. Don't take a chance, contact your surgeon's office as soon as is reasonably possible. Get them checked out in person. Chances are excellent he/she will make the time to see you.

If your surgeon isn't available, see if you can get in to visit your family doctor.

Don't leave this to luck. You paid big bucks to get the work done; you don't want to risk things going badly.

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I am in the medical industry myself & did many years of research before choosing my PS. He came highly recommended by previous patients & is highly regarded within the medical community. He has over 20 years of experience specializing in transaxillary incisions & is widely known for being a perfectionist within the cosmetic surgery industry.

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