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I'm 30 yo, mother of two beautiful girls (2...

I'm 30 yo, mother of two beautiful girls (2 & 4). I'm vey petite, 5'2 and weight 108 lb. before I have my babies, I'm 34A but very happy with my breast, they are a little small but perky and I have no prob., with them at all. But after breastfed both of my kids for only 4 mo. each, my breast deflated to a very small A. I never have any kind of surgery or been under anesthesia so I'm very scared about BA. I would never consider having a BA but one day I realized that I'm still young, I should enjoy my body more and dress in tops without stuffing and feel more confident about myself. I'm very lucky that my husband is very supportive and I finally decided to do it. I'm very excited but also freaked out. The day is getting closer and I can't stop thinking about it, I'm afraid that the result is not what I expected but hopefully my surgery going to be smoothly, no complications and it will make me happy. I will update and post my pics after the surgery.
Hope everyone who's going to have a BA will have a speedy recovery and you will get what you've been wanted!

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Tomorrow is your big day! What sort of implants are you going with?

Thanks for starting your story on RealSelf! I hope the procedure is a breeze and that you love your results!

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