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Hand Filler (Back of Hand) - Cypress, TX

Not sure I am happy with the results of my hands....

Not sure I am happy with the results of my hands. Almost two weeks after filler done and they look skewed and the filler migrated on both hands to the outer edge where little fingers are. There is two huge knots/pads of the filler in one spot and my skin is pulled towards the knots. My hands look deformed. I am hoping something can be done to resolve this issue.

Going back tomorrow.


Have you gotten better? I too have the same problem. My hands are stiff, swollen and have a painful knott by my little finger knuckle. I also have a continued sore throat and joint pain. I had not problem until going on 2 weeks after the injections.ni wish you the best.
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I am able to see what you are referring to from the pictures you included. Fillers generally do not migrate after they are placed; but depending upon the location, they may have a tendency to do so if vigorously massaged after placement. Longer term massage is sometimes helpful to soften and dissipate a lump of Radiesse. A technique which involves an injection of sterile water (or saline) and massage has been described to break up Radiesse nodules. This likely works better soon after the Radiesse treatment, as opposed to trying it much later on. You may want to ask your physician if this treatment would be an option for you. This treatment is referenced in -- Voigts R, et. al., Dispersion of Calcium Hydroxylapatite Accumulations in the Skin: Animal Studies and Clinical Practices, Dermatologic Surgery, 36:S1, May 2010, 798-803. Best wishes. Kenneth Dembny
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Thank you for including the pictures. I can see the lump you are talking about. I'm so sorry this happened.

Here is some info that might be of interest:

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