Retin A day by day update

Trying this out to improve skin tone and prevent...

Trying this out to improve skin tone and prevent wrinkles. I'm 31 with some sun damage and old acne scars. I know it's going to get worst before it gets better. I've been using it for 2 days now and my skin is tender. It's a little red and starting to peel. I'm def NOT going to use it tonight. I may wait 2 days before applying again.

Day 3, my face is on FIRE! It hurts so bad to put...

Day 3, my face is on FIRE! It hurts so bad to put lotion on, but I did exfoliate last night. I didn't use Retin A last night and I'm not going to tonight either. My friend advised me to use Burt's Bees radiant moisturizer. I want to post pics as soon as I learn how to on iPad. I've been taking daily photos.

I didn't use retin a for 3 days and my skin was...

I didn't use retin a for 3 days and my skin was still peeling a little. I've been using moisturizer with sunscreen in it in a.m. and using Lubriderm frequently through it day. I exfoliated last night (day 6) and and used retin A again. My skin this a.m. feels smooth, with light peeling. It's not too red yet either. I will probably put it on again tonight since I don't have to be at work for 2 days. I don't wear make up, but considering Bare Minerals for when I'm with clients.
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Good job on listening to your skin & choosing to skip a night or two when needed! I used Retin-A for about 9 months, and although I didn't have a ton of sun damage the little bit that I had was definitely gone. Hopefully you see the same thing! :)

Be prepared that it can sometimes make your acne flare up. :-/ Those of us who have struggled with Acne always seem to dread that thought!

fattransfergirl and Carmen in Namibia are just a little ahead of you with their experiences, so they might be great people for you to touch base with. They are super nice! :)

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Thanks Megan! Luckily, I took Accutane in high school and I'm not prone to break outs! You think it will help with black heads though?
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Here is a Q&A where the board certified doctors who volunteer on RealSelf have shared their thoughts on that:

Can Retin-a Remove Blackheads and White Heads Without Extraction?

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