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Debating Debating Debating. I have been to so many...

Debating Debating Debating.
I have been to so many doctors it's not even funny. They say the more search the better i guess it's true. I have been going back and forth it's a shame. I'm stuck between two doctors. Dr. Dass & Dr. Hughes they both have nice work I stalk both of there pictures almost every single day. Hard choice but I have to pick 1 & i need a little help and advice on that so please anyone who has advice please feel free to share also I had attached pics so you can see. ( Thanks for taking the time out to read my story....)

Things to buy

We'll it will be here before you know it
I'm very anxious lol I'm going to start buying things now lol.

Hope these are better pics

Again doing bbl first then TT later.
According to Dr. Hughes it will be better that way. Let me know what you think thanks..

Another 1

I think I will have enough fat lol for transfer.
Then a tt is a must

Thinking of cancelling surgery

All these answers from Doctors here on the board makes me feel real bad. I think I may just cancel this surgery.

Just a quick updated picture

Take a look can't wait till my surgery


Well its getting closer to surgery. I think I may have everything I need I was suppose to take pictures but I will on Thursday I have all my supplies hidden at work lol.

Here are a couple of things I have got :

Meds: Pending
Chux Pads
Mederma Scar Gel
Boppy Pillow
Arnica Gel
Neosporin do I need it
Scar away silicone sheet
Arnica Tablets
Maxi Dresses=7
Medical Tape
Benadryl Cream & Gel
Plush Rob= Pending
Flexi Straws
Whey Protein Shake
Latex Gloves
Peri Wash bottle
Adhesive Bandage

What else do I need do I have enough stuff.

Do I need any pajamas pants or like sweet suites.

Friend made me a pic of me

Hope I look like this...

Post Op Supplies Pics

Now you tell me if I have enough lol...
I will be making grocery store run today ad I will post pic tomorrow
Still need to get baby wipes also
Does it look like i'm missing anything????

I got a great deal for the boppy pillow the cover also came with it.


The more I think about it the more nervous I get ughhhh. I know I will be ok but it's just the thought of it lol. I have been trying to stay away from RS but it's hard I'm on here more than I'm on Facebook now lol. This is my new social network.

Disability Help

Can someone help me with this?
When should I apply for it?
How do you do it?
What do I need to give to the Dr.?

Grocery List & Pj's

Gatorades-Low Calorie
Apple Sauce
Need to get some saltine crackers
Got a few comfortable pajamas

Do I need any panties well bigger ones.

Getting Closer

Well my day is coming soon ladies and I can say I'm so nervous I don't know what to do or what to think. Getting all this stuff together and ready.. Any more suggestions.

Seconds thoughts

Omg im a nervous wreck now i'm having second thoughts. Please help me ladies idk what to do.

Arnica Tablets & Bromelain Getting Closer

I ma have asked this before but when do I need to start taking these should i before surgery or after.

This can't be......

I'm getting a stuffy nose and period hasn't came ughhhhhhh. I hope it's just allergies coming along and nothing else I wish period will come before surgery date.

Any suggestions is it okay to have period while having surgery..

Cancel or Don't

Now i'm in limbo with cancelling surgery with Hughes. I know I will loose the $500 but oh well i'm just very irritated and all with alot of things. I need help what should I do????

Felling ok ladies .... Just hard to stand feels queasy

Well I made it ladies to the other side . When do I need to change my dressing and take off binder tomorrow I think. Also can I take a shower as well.

Pre op pics

Here are some before...

binder problem

I think I'm wearing it wrong I hope not.
My right leg is killing me. Is the binder supposed to be low? Does it supposed to be on the butt please help

Few pics after second shower....

Will try to take more later

Sleepless nights

I'm up again can't sleep. Body itching where I'm bruised is this normal. Went in to see Olga today and massaged me with some type of cream. I know it hurt like hell. She said i didn't have any fluid built up which was a A+++. Just want this leg pain to go away can't stand it. I will post more pics tomorrow hopefully when I take a shower I'm not draining anymore so I'm just wearing binder with foam. Btw should foam be inside shirt or outside or does it matter. Olga told me to wear binder low. It goes a little over my butt she said that won't do anything. What you think she knows best.

square look

I have a square look butt will it round up I hope so

Couple of pictures

Not really feeling up to it today my son is sick and so am I.

Feeling a tab better

Ok I'm almost 1 week post. Still kinda hard to walk but hope it will get better over time. How is everyone feeling.


When do we start to lose it???
I think mines went down im walking a lot better. Not sure what to think

Post Op

It went great. No fluid built yayyyyyyyy.
For a massage finally had a bm after 6 ducolax. Not up 2 posting pics right now. Will later just a quick update

Few Pics

Been laying all day don't feel 2 good

How you think I look ladies

getting sick

Oh I have the worse cough in the world. It's killing me. I did I few errands today went washing I just folded. :) felt good to get out the house.

Few pics

How do I look now ladies what you think???

Little Grid I did

What you think

Tried Clothes on

Before my shower tried some clothes on.

feel way better

I feel good today. Just can't walk as fast as I wish I could lol. No more pain pills haven't took 1 in a while now than 5 days I believe now. Tomorrow will be 2 weeks yayyyyyy. I know I'm going to need a tummy tuck. That's all I the plan lol. I'm posting pics. I tried on some more clothes today. What you think ladies????

Stomach Burning

Have you ladies experienced this my tummy is burning at the bottom when I take off my binder. Feels strange I wonder is it fluid built up. Pray it's not I have a appt. Tomorrow let's see how it goes.

Fluid built up

Well I went in to the dr. On Monday and I had 330ccs drained. I think I have more I feel a weird feeling in my tummy. Ugh when will this go away. Lost a little more volume. Olga says that my waist will shrink more and she doesn't think I will l loose any more volume.

Post op

Olga drained 120ccs today ughhhh also she showed me how to do my massage which I just did and feel great. Also she said to wear my binder low. She said it won't mess up my butt I have a lot of swelling still she said. She knows best I assume she has been working there forever :). I also seen Dr. Hughes in the hall as I was getting coffee lol. I'm already ready for my tummy tuck soon as I'm healed. I'm so ready to come out this binder...

How I look

Tried on some clothes...


Ok I'm back at work and I have been standing forever ughhh. I have a Post op Appt. tomorrow i pray she say I can take this binder off now lol. I was wondering when i can get rid of this binder what do i buy after that please send me some links of info please.

Squeem Firm Compression Miracle Vest Shapewear

Is this good to get has anyone ever got this 1 before where can I find them besides online where i can try them on. I heard sears has them is this true. I need 1 to take next week hopefully I can get rid of this binder.


I want some more clothes :)


Hi ladies doing better and better each day.
I need to get on my right diet can anyone give me any tips on diet list that thru are doing please.
I'm also loving my butt just want all the swelling to go away. How long does it take to go down. It's also starting to get softer by the day.

How does it look now

Does it look flat to you ladies or a nice butt I have my days of good and bad.


No more fluid i was so happy. She told me to come back in 5 months for a post op. Now it's the waiting game for me to get my tummy tuck done. Olga says I'm still swollen of course. But over all I'm happy I'm smiling from ear to ear yayyyyyyyyyyy.

Hope this picture is better

Other is to dark.....

Bored at work

Just playing with my new phone lol...
Hope it gets more round and I don't lose anymore volume......

Question about clothes????

When can i wear jeans or is it still to early...


Ok so I have my days where i think my butt is big and my days where i think its ok. I hope i don't need a revison but hey we shall see what happens. All i know is that i'm ready for my tummy tuck..

A grid I made

Tell me what you think honestly.......

Picture didn't load

Serious answers......

At work bored

A few pics looking better by the day


Bored so here some pics

oh yea my butt is sore in certain spots


Has anyone had 1 after bbl i need to get 1 badly. .... i should be okay to sit right.

side view

I can see a difference can you?????

Bed shot

I think I'm obsessed. ..

I'm almost 8 weeks

Friday will be the 8 week mark I can't believe it's been this long wow...

Bummer i think i m ay have more fluid so i will be going in to check it.

Finallygot my vedette

Fits so tight......


Seen Dr. Hughes on Friday he said look better which i feel better as well. I had 15ccs of fluid which is not bad Olga said.

Here are a few pics in my work clothes lol.

My Dress

I can't wait to wear this dress

You like

So i made up my mind

I will be doing a round 2 ladies before i sch. my tummy tuck.
What you think i need advice.
Hughes said he can lipo more of my back flanks and upper tummy and transfer to my butt. Is this agood idea ir you think a tummy tuck will make my butt look better im looking into Noviember to get it done. Btw Hughes said 1000ccs in each cheek this time. I really need your advice ladies on what to do.....
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

I love Dr. Hughes and his staff I'm glad that I chose him. If you want good treatment and excellent work done. Please go to Dr. Hughes ASAP he is the best you will not regret it @ all. I love My BBL so far and it's only getting better by the day. So again get there you will be happy that you did.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait tmes
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You need to get the tummy tuck! Your butt will pop more after one.
  • Reply
Howdy...how is your clothes shopping going??? Lol!! Sometimes I feel like I might spend my paycheck on clothes!!! Everything fits great. Good photos. You look great!
  • Reply
Its ok but i think i need more upper lipo or a tt
  • Reply
  • Reply
You look good as well But i want a second round
  • Reply
Yes I like
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  • Reply
You look great!
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Looking really good! And I know it must looks much bigger in person :-)
  • Reply
Does it look small In the picture
  • Reply
That's not what I said, I said it must look bigger in Person because I know first hand that pictures don't do justice
  • Reply
I know lol I was joking
  • Reply
Hahaha! Girl we all know u got a phatty! U look great! Ur getting ur tummy done soon right? So excited to see the pics!
  • Reply
This is so true because I know my bum looks bigger in person!
  • Reply
Nice pics... Your a$$ looks goood girly...
  • Reply
Thanks alot
  • Reply
looking great
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Whats a vedette? I'm going in for tt lipo fat grafting to butt april 15th. Nervous any good suggestions about theses procedures
  • Reply
Yes! Read my posts! I just had those done! And congrats!! Team Hughes all day!!! Congrats Barbie!!!
  • Reply
You look amazing!! I'm glad that you went with Dr. Hughes, he is amazing!
  • Reply
Thanks its looking better by the day
  • Reply
How are you liking the vedette?
  • Reply
I love it so much lol.
  • Reply
Looks great!!!
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