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So I am 23 yrs. old now and I have always battle...

So I am 23 yrs. old now and I have always battle with my weigh, I lost tons of weigh but my abdomen never seems to change. I'm getting Lipo on my Back, Flanks and Upper and Lower Abdomen. I hope to finally get the shape I have always work hard for .. Im super excited and nervous I been taking my Multivitamins, drinking "Ensure" shakes and eating super healthy as per my Doctors Request.. I have realistic exceptions but hopefully I get blown away.

The big day!

Today was the big day.. My surgery time was at 7am so I'm home Rigth now resting in bed.. It went well everyone was great including the doctors the made me feel Rigth at home. I haven't been able to see myself yet and I'm still kind of drowsy with the Vicodin and the antibiotics... I am in alot of pain and specially sore that's all I cod say for now and Pics coming soon.

Happy w/the Results

So today marks 6 days post op, I feel the hardest part is just about to be over my incision bites are finally staring to really heal and the pain is not so strong anymore I am still very sore and swollen I'm still moving around like an elderly person lol but I'm able to be without pain killers. I finally stood the on the weigh scale and it seem I lost 5 pounds. 5 pounds of pure abdomen fat!!! I'm very please with my results so far, I hope it keeps getting better and better. Super ready and excited for my 1st post op check up on Thursday I hope to hear good news since I been doing everything just like I was told too.
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How you doing girl? How was the first post op check today?
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Happy healing!!
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Hopefully you'll have great results! I can't wait to follow your story, my lipo and fat transfer is a month away today! Best of luck, sending good vibes!
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Thank you!! New post coming soon..
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Multi vitamins should be stopped if vitamin e is included. Check with dr
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Hi! I had lipo and a breast aug. done out of Dr. Boris' office too :). Ultimately Dr Hughes did both procedures approx 3 months ago. Im super happy with the results... hope you will be too. Start taking Arcnica now (natural found at local vitamin store) it helps with the bruising! Good luck!
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Thank you.. Your comment made me feel much better n your look amazing .. Thanks for the advice I will start taking arcnica ASAP ...
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Hi there, welcome and thanks so much for sharing your journey with us!

Good luck with your surgery, I hope everything goes well and you have a smooth recovery!

Please do keep us updated with your progress!

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