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He didn`t make me ugly but i`m not satisfied with...

He didn`t make me ugly but i`m not satisfied with the amount of fat he removed(my thighs are smaller, but still the shape i was going to get rid of), i asked to remove more fat from my upper(vs lower) abs, but he said he would remove equal amount, otherwise it would look ugly, and now i wish i insisted on removing more. my arms were not greatly reduced in size, and he left bumps on my flanks, just above my buttocks, it`s not smooth, so my buttocks look square, however, that`s only me who notices that.
As for rhynoplasty my nose still feels big and i have a not really noticeable bigger bump on one side.
i might have put some weight so the pictures won`t show much, but i can provide pictures of my nose and flanks.


I endeavor to get as good a result as possible for each patient and his or her own anatomy. If you are not completely satisfied with any of my work, feel free to call the office or send me an email through my website. I will get back to you promptly to address your concerns. There may not be anything that can be improved from a technical perspective and I may not be able to meet your expectations, but I want you to be happy.
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I think it is inappropriate for you, the Dr. to comment openly to your client this way; you could have sent her a private message. Also you very subtly put the onus on her by saying: I may not be able to meet your expectations, but I want you to be happy. Her concerns seem to be due to not only poor technique on your part but also the fact that liposuction is a bad procedure and often produces bad results. As a RealSelf community member I support this woman in her concerns and I hope that she gets a second opinion and is able to get proper care for her issues. Perhaps you can offer her a refund?
Don`t think there might be any refunds. And i discussed all my concerns with my doctor. I was happy right after the surgery as i got results and skipped the risks, but later i realized that it could be better, and i`m still not satisfied. I guess you just have to discuss with your surgeon every detail. And also make sure your surgeon stitch your incisions, Dr. Hughes left little holes, some of which are big and took long to heal, so they are noticeable now. And make sure your doctor mark the areas on your body, as he might do not the ones you are expecting. Pictures are coming


not satisfied with the shape of my thighs and bumpiness of my butt/flanks(looks square, not smooth)
i`m sure he would do a better job if i discussed every little detail and do the marking


Sashaspmm, very good points. One has to really go over all these things with the surgeon. And get it in writing! Consent forms only protect the "Dr." and not the patient. I am so sorry you are not happy with your results and I know it goes deeper than not being 'happy'. That is what Dr. Hughes does not seem to understand...the life changing effects of bad plastic surgery. Let us know how you manage.
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Sashaspmm, I'm sorry that you didn't get the results you wanted; even though you have a great basic body, I can see the issues that were created for you by liposuction. Are you saying that the doctor didn't even mark the areas on your body? I hope you don't blame yourself, because even if the doctor marks the areas, how would you (as the patient) know what the surgical markings are supposed to look like, or be in control of what the doctor actually does? The technical perspective in his responsibility. I was also surprised that the doctor did rhinoplasty and liposuction in the same surgery. It seems that doubling up on surgical procedures is really commonplace now, which doesn't seem to me to be in the best interest of the patient's health. I've known several people for whom rhinoplasty alone was quite a hard recovery, so to add on multiple liposuction sites, and to leave open incisions... Wow. I was also surprised and uncomfortable that the surgeon commented publicly on your surgery. This feels like a violation of privacy to me.
I didn`t know anything about markings, stitches, I just talked to the Dr. and tried to explain what was bothering me and especially I think did about my thighs. What he said to me after is that he can`t remove too much from that area as the skin is too lose(or something like that). I`m doing another surgery including my thighs, so we`ll see how it goes. Yes, they do it all at once this way you save on the facility fee and anesthesia and get a discount. I just did lipo and nose redone plus lips and breast grafting. Yes, it was harder to wake up after the surgery which took 8hrs or more(last time it was like 6 i believe). Painkillers help, but the problem is breathing. Sleeping with your mouth open is not amazing

forgot to say

that i was doing my inner thighs, just the upper part


Damn girl getting scare having my bbl on this month by Dr Hughes :/
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I am not sure why my comment was removed as "a violation". I never said anything derogatory. All I said was that it seems inappropriate for the doctor to engage in these patient forums. Sure, he may have the right to, but it prevents us patients from talking openly and honestly about our experiences when we know that the doctor is reading and commenting. From the other comments, seems like everyone else agrees with me. He is free to call her and discuss or respond to her privately.
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Sultrysarah you are so right, some comments of mine have also been removed on other reviews and I have read the guidelines, and most of my comments did not call for violation. What they need to worry is about others truly violating the site by promoting a product, service, procedure, business, health care professional, or other person. I see it ALLLLL the time, RS members going on others pages advertising a product or their surgeon. Anyway I just wanted to agree with you because honestly, if the surgeon feels he wants to help her, he should have called, I am VERY sure that he has her information, otherwise I would be alarmed if he operated on her without her info.
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