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So far I'm on tray 4 with clearcorrect and I...

So far I'm on tray 4 with clearcorrect and I haven't had trays cracking or anything strange like that. I think people writing those things are invisalign employees trying to steer away potential clearcorrect patients! Anywho, I didn't take clear before pics at all, because the gap embarrased me to post online, as well as the condition of my teeth(color) but my main prob with my teeth is just a gap in middle of top front teeth and the tooth next to it on the right. Oh and ONE crooked tooth on the bottom, right under the canine which imo is not noticeable but its not straight at all. So far, what I notice is that my teeth more pulled in, or tighter, which is exactly what the dentists computer predictor plan showed the treatment would do so that's good. My gaps have reduced just a tad. My twisted bottom tooth is sopposed to start moving NOW. I'm due to have had an attachment put on that bottom tooth on my 3rd tray but it was not done. Dentist said it might not be necessary. This 4th tray (started it today) also calls for an attachment on that same tooth but dentist didn't even mention it. I did not complain because I don't want my family to know I have aligners (its a secret) and so far the tray is still fitting which makes me feel like maybe he's right and I will truly need the attachments later into the treatments and not now. I guess my only complaint is that originally before I started treatment I expected to start treatment within 15 business days like pamphlet says, but waited about a month for phase zero, which I was not told about. I thought I would receiev 1 st tray in 15 business days. After phase zeros arrival it took another 37 days to receive tray 1. Other than that everything looks good! I'm scheduled 12 trays, its an express treatment. If any one can comment with FACTS how detrimental it may or may not be to not wear that single attachment please do.


I am so sorry to see that you are not pleased with your provider.  I cannot give you any facts as to the detriment of not having that one attachment.  I would direct you to one of our users, however: ClearCorrectStaff.  She works for Clear Correct and may have a better idea of whether it is detrimental.  One thing I will say, more generally, is this.  Your provider is there to listen to you, answer questions, provide feedback and explain procedures, as well as choose treatment modalities and make sure they're working.  If you start feeling like the treatment is not working for whatever reason, or if, by the end of your aligners, you are not satisfied by the way your teeth have turned out, you will need to work with your provider in order to ameliorate the situation.  If you feel you need refinement, you cannot work directly with ClearCorrect to get that done.  So you need to be able to work with Dr. Sabagh.  If you cannot, you may do better to switch providers before you get further in your treatment.

Good luck, and I'm very happy to see you in the community.  I hope that you continue to update us, and that your experience with your doctor improves in whatever way you deem best!
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I know I will have to work something out with Dr. Sabagh and refinements if at the end of the treatments the desired look wasn't achieved, but I'm hoping that doesn't happen since my case should seriously not have complications.... I would like to express my concerns with him but he speaks very quickly and cuts me off, then the only way I would express myself is by saying things I will later regret. I dont know how to be polite when someone is being so rude, I would only be rude back and I dont think that is in my best interest at the moment. I dont have the money to switch providers but I'm hoping Dr. Sabbagh or his staff stumble upon my review so he can check his attitude and treat patients with more compassion. (After all, we do pay for his services...) Thank you for your reply.
Hi nicole1921d, Great review! I'm so glad to hear that things are going well for you in your treatment. :) As far as your engager concern goes, engagers are used for certain types of tooth movements, as aligners in general can have a difficult time "grabbing" certain (more rounded) teeth. This can affect treatment especially when a rotation, extrusion, or intrusion is being done. I can't be certain (this is something your doctor would need to look at) but it sounds like the engager placed on the "twisted bottom tooth" is being placed there to aid in that tooth's rotation. I would definitely let your doctor know that you would like that tooth to rotate, and therefore you would like the engager placed. This of course is totally up to you and what you're comfortable with. Also, please know that we can facilitate a transfer between providers, should you choose to find an alternate ClearCorrect provider. Please don't hesitate to reach out to me if you have any further questions!
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Doctor was nice when I came for initial free consultation. Afterwards when I paid for treatment he shows no sign of caring, sometimes even looks irritated when dealing with me and i m not a person that even talks much or at all unless you ask me a question. But the cost of treatment is low. As long as my teeth look as promised his attitude is irrelevant. The trays and clearcorrect company are straightening my teeth not him. He's just the middle man in my opinion.

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