2 Removed 2 Different Ways - Which Worked Better?

I had 2 different tattoos removed. First one I had...

I had 2 different tattoos removed. First one I had removed using a Photoderm technique that was 99.9% removed in 3 visits for $150 a visit at a place in Arlington Texas. It hurt and really blistered. It left minor scaring but I would rather have the scar then the tattoo.

The second tattoo I am having removed in another state using intense pulse light and I have gone 8 times now at $200 a visit and it has only faded about half way. This type of removal is very tame and I don't expect scarring but I don't expect this method to work like the first.

If you have the option and you really want it gone then I would use the Photoderm method because of the cost and effectiveness.


Just checking in, have you ever achieved successful removal? Would love an update!!
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Where in arlington, texas did you get it done at? the photoderm?
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The removal process requires a very high power density pulse to shatter the ink. IPL systems cannot generate these power densities. Only Q-switched lasers can.

Find a clinic/office which offers either a Nd:YAG, ruby or Alexandrite laser.

You were very lucky with your first treatment (Photoderm - what an appalling machine that was!). The ink must have been superficial to achieve a reasonable result. You were lucky you didn't get a nasty scar.
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He is a nice guy and doesn't appear to judge.

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