I'm Tired of Feeling Self Conscious About my Nose. - Covington, LA

I've been wanting a nose job for some time now,...

I've been wanting a nose job for some time now, but I'm not really sure what I need to get done. There's some days when I have a full face on and I think it's bearable, but when I'm natural and without makeup I'm really self conscious about it. I want to look and feel prettier without makeup. The tip of my nose is really big I'd also like the bridge of my nose to be more defined. I'm only 20, so I have a bit of a budget. I'm VERY undecided on the doctor, I'd hate to get this surgery and like so many other people regret it. HELP ME PLEASE!
Your nose doesn't look bad, but I understand you wanting to tweak... Most celebs just have bomb contour and highlight... Look for ethic rhinoplasty doctors.. A few that I have seen is Jason Hamilton (who I'm using); Dr. Ashkan Ghavami; Kofi Boahene
Obviously it is your decision but you really don't need rhinoplasty. You are gorgeous already. I wanted something subtle done and regret it every day. Your nose really suits you! My advice would be not to mess with it. Good luck with your decision. X
Your nose looks good as is. Good luck with your surgery.
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