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Dysport (Very Poor Product!)

I tried Dysport and am very dissapointed with the...

I tried Dysport and am very dissapointed with the outcome, I have never used Botox before because it was way more expensive so I thought I would give the Dysport a try..

I had a really deep wrinkle in between my brows, after my injections I noticed a slight change but the wrinkle was still there after 2weeks. I went back in for another injection and thought for sure that this time it would work.... 2 months later and the wrinkle is still noticable, I am so unhappy with this product I think its a scam!!!!

Lesson learned " You get what you pay for!!" I won't be using that product again!!!!!

Botox does help me so does Dysport for the deep lines in between my eyes,but I do not like the side effects of Dysport, dizzy, sinus and ear infection for almost 3 mths now. Hey, I used to live near Countryside Mall :-) Palm Harbor.
Deep wrinkles require botox/dysport and a filler.
If its a really "deep" wrinkle it won't go away-all it can do is relax the area not fill in a groove.
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