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Couldn't Be Happier with Artefill

Full disclosure: my husband is a facial plastic...

Full disclosure: my husband is a facial plastic surgeon and did my injections. I won't say much to avoid anyone thinking my opinion is biased and I think the results in the photos speak for themselves (they are unedited, the color is slightly different because of an orange shirt I was wearing in the before).

The after photo was taken 23 months after my 2nd injection. At about 9 months, I had Juvederm layered over the Artefill because I still had some fine surface lines that I was self-conscious about. I wish we had taken a photo then! The Juvederm is completely gone in the after photo. It was taken more than a year after the Juvederm injection. The reason I mention this is because I had additional improvement over the 2 years after my injections. Those fine lines that I was self-conscious about at around 12 months post-Artefill are gone at 23 months post-Artefill.

The other differences in the photos are Juvederm in my lips and improvement in my skin from topical and prescription medications.

Jacksonville Facial Plastic Surgeon

This is a biased recommendation because he is my husband.

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Does your husband use a blunt tip cannula or needle for fillers? I have bruised badly from juvederm in past and am looking for md who is using a cannula this time.
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he did an amazing job and it is the most natural looking result that I have ever seen
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Thanks! I'm almost 7 years out and still haven't needed a "refill!"
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I have seen your husbands work with rhinoplasty, he is really an amazing surgeon. I want to have my fourth operation with him but the problem is that I live in Australia. Does he work with goretex for augmenting the nose which has insufficient septum? Or does he use coastal rib grafting?
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Thank you for sharing your positive experience with Artefill. I am researching dermal fillers and love the permanence feature of this one. A couple of the plastic surgeons on this site discuss the risks such as infection around the microspheres, and that over the years, as skin and fat decrease I suppose, that the product might become more visible through the skin. I am interested to know what your husband thinks about these risks. Also, I have heard that the company that manufactures Artefill has gone out of business, and the product may no longer be available. Do you know if this is true? Thank you!
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Ann6286, I'll email you privately so it doesn't appear on the Artefill thread.
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Thank you so much for giving us all this information! I actually have a question about the vivite, how are you liking it? Would you recommend for acne prone skin? Thanks for your help!
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I didn't realize there were questions on my post! I know most are old but I'll answer all anyway in case anyone else is interested.

Yes, I am still thrilled with it. I can't even remember exactly but I think I'm about 5+ years out from my treatment and it still looks great. I haven't needed any additional treatment and am very happy. I'll see if I can post any updated photos to my original post.

For my skin, I use Vivite from Allergan and the prescription medication Spironolactone. This isn't the board for it so I won't elaborate but if you'd like info on my personal experience with either of these, feel free to email me.

I'll be 42 next month. You can see how bad my lines were in my mid-30s so I shutter to think how they'd look now without treatment! Angela, I would highly recommend you find a board certified facial plastic surgeon who has experience with Artefill (or Artecoll....you must be in Canada). I suspect that people that haven't had a good result haven't gone to an experienced surgeons for treatment. This expertise is important not only for how to use the product but also for the judgement to know when and where to use the product (which may be even more important!). It's a permanent product so getting it done right the first is critical.
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Hi, I am considering having artecoll but since I heard some many comments about the lumps and sometimes that didn`t work in some people, no results, I am thinking twice. I think that the age has to do too, how old are you, sorry to ask you this question but I am earlies 50`s and want to know if it will be worth it for me too, I have the same problem as you have but my case the wrinkles in that part of my face are deeper

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I am a 59 y/o female. I had 3cc of artefill in my face in 2004. Yes, if you mash on your skin, you can feel it, however, if you're just running your fingers over your face in a normal way, you don't feel anything unusual. I had a very good experience with Artefill, it has lasted quite nicely. I'm planning to have more injected into the right side of my face. I wouldn't hesitate to have it injected, if I were you.
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What topical and prescription medications are you using to improve you skin and lip area you look GREAT! Mary
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Looks really great. I am thinking about this or restyline. R U still pleased with results? Has it lasted?
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