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I have always eaten healthy and exercised daily...

I have always eaten healthy and exercised daily but just couldn't get rid of my love handles. So I had smart lipo done and it absolutely helped me. The "hate" handles are gone and it was completely painless. The area was left tighter then it was before which is better results than regular liposuction that leaves the skin saggy. Since the skin became tighter in that area my tummy became taunter too making it a two for one!

I had minimal to no bruising for a couple days and was back to work the next day and in a bikini that following week! I would consider it for other areas when needed. There was no pain, no scarring or saggy skin and no down time to recover. What more can you ask for?

i'm sorry but your experience sounds like that of an ad for cynosure....? also, flanks for $1500?! wherever do you hear of such a thing?
I find it odd that this sounds exactly like the manufacturer's website?? Coincidence???
Dr. Harp, Dr. Gno

So they can look them up and make a more comforatable desicion.

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