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One Month After Cellulaze and is Looking Worst Than Before - Costa Rica, CR

Exactly 1 month ago I had cellulaze done around my...

Exactly 1 month ago I had cellulaze done around my tummy as I had small bumps and dimples typical of cellulite, although I'm fairly thin, (110 lb) and exercise regularly and have a reasonable good diet at 34 years old I'm staring to show the unsightly cellulite, so since I was in costa rica for a few months, I said : "what the heck, let get some little things done here and there". I looked for a reputable doctor with good credentials and had a few procedures done, (cellulaze, blepharoplasty and permanent fillers and face contouring). I have to say I'm fairly satisfied with most procedures, but a onto after cellulaze I'm staring to wonder if it was worthwhile as I've not notice the cellulite diminish at all, although my ab area looks better sculpted than before, I know have more saggy skin from the belly button to just below my breast. For what I've read they said the skin improves with time and final results wil take several months to be noticeable, but i just dont see the difference at all, actually worst, at direct sunlight I can see more bumps then before as I sit down I can see more dimples and sagging skin than before. I would love to hear what some of you and some doctors have to say about this.

Thank you, and good luck to all of you with your treatments

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Hi, who did you have this procedure done by in Costa Rica? Thanks!
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I am looking for a doctor who performs cellulaze treatment in costa rica. Thanks
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Hi JenStar78!

You are the first I have heard doing it on the stomach! I am interested in getting that area done as well. Did you get Cellulaze done on any other body parts? I had Cellulaze done on the back of my thighs 2.5 months ago and for awhile there was some lumpiness before it smoothed out. Hoping that is the case with you!

Do you have pictures you can upload - either here or privately? Thank you!
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Hi Megan! I did have bad bruising and soreness, i leaked fluids for only one day, and wore a compression garment for the entire month as recommended by my doctor. 3 days after the procedure i starteed gavibng lymphatic drainage massage manually and with machines for 4 days in a row, and noticed the soreness and bruising improved a lot, now I'm feeling devastated as in my impression it looks worst than now than before the procedure. I still have mild soreness and hardened area :(
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I think you are the first person I have read about having Cellulaze on their stomach. Hopefully once you reach the 3-6 month mark you will start to show more signs of improvement. Did you have much bruising after the procedure?

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