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Hi everyone! I am scheduled to have BBL and...

Hi everyone! I am scheduled to have BBL and possibly breast lift with implant change on Sept 4. I am wondering if anyone has advice or tips for my recovery that they could possibly share. I am 49yrs old, 5'5" and approx 130lbs. I am specifically concerned with the amount of bruising and how long it will remain. I am planning on returning home Sept 16 and am hoping my partner won't be shocked by the bruising. Am I being unrealistic to expect most of the bruising to be gone? Thanks so much.
Any pictures of your lift and what dr did u go to pls
Hi. Hope your results were great. Happy healing and speedy recovery!!! Where did you find your ps and what did you have done? What does the cost include? How was your flight, did you have to sit. Costa Rica is beautiful and I wouldn't mind having surgery there. Please post some before and after pics and share your experience. Thank you!!

Hi there, welcome!

How are you doing now? I hope your surgery went well and you're having a smoothy recovery. We'd love to hear how you are and if you're enoying your results!


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