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Hopefully will get my body back!!! Spoke the dr,...

Hopefully will get my body back!!! Spoke the dr, he's very nice and sounds to be more concern about the person he's going have as a patient. Is anyone out there, that has had a procedure done by the dr rosenstock? Seems he's really good in face lift but haven't seen any brazilian butt lift yet. Please if u out there , please send me a message.
I have had many procedures done by Dr Rosenstock over past 13 years. He is very clinically competent, professional and genuinely cares about his pts. I've never been dissatisfied with any of my surgeries performed by Dr Rashi Rosenstock. My most recent was Facelift and eyes. I'm so happy with the results.
Thank you so much for your comment. Can't wait to get this done.
You will love Dr Rashi's bedside manners and surgical skill. He is a wonderful Dr.
Costa Rica Plastic Surgeon

Has anyone had a TT or BBL with the above dr? And please how's your result? Spoke to him, he's nice.

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