Slight Pain, Huge Improvement - Costa Mesa, CA

Hurt a little, had a couple specks of pain, made...

Hurt a little, had a couple specks of pain, made my teeth sensitive for day, but my Iranian dentist said there's a phrase in Persian about "to acquire beauty, you must endure pain." I'd suggest bringing some headphones, sittin' still there for roughly an hour (3 sessions) was the real test.

When I checked the mirror, I noticed some of my gums were also bleached, I said "Oh noez!" but in a couple hours they were fine.

It worked really well, I'm very impressed, and I would highly recommend it.

Hi Andrew,

Welcome to the Zoom community. Nice, that everything worked out like you had hoped. How long have you been considering getting your teeth whitened? Your recommendation of the headphones is a great idea for the community. We would love to see pictures if you have them. Do you only need the one treatment, or are more required. Please keep us updated.

Thanks so much for the review,


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