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Liposuction Eliminated my Stubborn Final 10 Pounds - Costa Mesa, CA

I've been fairly active for most of my life,...

I've been fairly active for most of my life, but after 2 kids I just couldn't get rid of my baby pooch. I could lose 5 or 10 pounds, but that damn pooch remained.

I met my doctor at a friend's wedding and she told me to come in for a free consultation. I was in there 4 days later. A few days later I was being sculpted with a laser! No real pain, no being knocked out, no crazy bruising. I had my procedure done on a Monday afternoon and I was back at work on Wednesday.

I really liked that the staff was honest with me and set realistic expectations. My pooch is gone and it has helped me stay focused on staying fit. I went from a size 10 back to a size 6 for the first time since I was in high school!

Dr. Ahn Ngo, Final Inches

I loved my surgeon because she's like an artist. I was very glad I didn't have any ripples or waves like some people used to get with old-school liposuction.

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Im thinking about getting this done too. I look just like you. Anyway, I heard that the less fat you have the less recovery time. Was this true for you. I see your happy with your results. Has it come back?
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how much time passed after the operation when you made those pictures?
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By the way, my doctor is not Binh Ngo, it's Anh Ngo
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Thanks for letting us know! I've fixed the link so it doesn't link to the wrong doctor. Dr. Ahn Ngo doesn't have a profile on RealSelf, that's why we found the wrong one.

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I had my liposuction about 7 months ago. No problems to speak of. I just wonder why I waited so long for what turned out to be a quick and painless procedure.
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Thanks for sharing your experience with the rest of our liposuction community. Your results look fantastic! How long ago was your surgery?

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