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I had a bad experiences for Jessner Peel. It was...

I had a bad experiences for Jessner Peel. It was performed at the skin care center,not a doctor's clinic. I had a peel last Friday for removing brown spots on my face. After the peel, my skin turned extremely red and now it has lots of small dark color scrabs on my cheeks. Several parts on my face were also burned and top skin layers were gone and show the fresh pink tissue. The skin hasn't peel yet. I have to use Aloe Vero to heel the damages burned skin parts. Does anyone have good suggestion? I prepare to visit a skin doctor tomorrow

I too had the same experience, however this is the normal process to achieve the best results. The more aggressive the peel, the better results. The in-between is not fun but the end result is beautiful.

all these symptoms to me sound perfectly normal! thats what is supposed to happen. just don't pick and let your skin heal on its own which i guarentee it will!!

I too had the same thing that you described after my peel. But once the whole peel process completed, the brown scabs on my lower cheeks and chin peel away beautifully, as well as the rest of my face. You posted on 10/23 which is a Sunday so you would have been on your 3rd day if you had it done the previous Friday. How did it look at 10 days?
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