LOVE Dr. Abrams!! - Costa Mesa, CA

Aside from Dr. Abrams's wonderfulness, his staff...

Aside from Dr. Abrams's wonderfulness, his staff is terrific too! Everyone is so professional and caring. I always felt "special" when I spoke with anyone at his office. The nurses at the surgery center were kind, professional, and caring people. I had a perfect experience and a perfect outcome. I am so happy!!

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I couldn't be happier with my breast implants and...

I couldn't be happier with my breast implants and lift! The experience was perfect!
Same here! I had my Breast augmentation with him and I love my results I highly recommend him !

I am so glad you are happy, thanks for sharing! 

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Dr. Abrams did my breast augmentation and lift last September. I trust him completely and recommend him hightly! Dr. Abrams is a talented and gifted surgeon. He is triple or quadruple certified and you will be hard pressed to find a more qualified surgeon. I did my homework and I would never settle for less! On a personal note, I appreciate that Dr. Abrams made me feel so at ease. On the day of my surgery, he came out to the waiting room to make sure I was okay (he knew I was nervous). When the surgery was over, he reminded me to call his office if I needed anything at all. Everything went so perfectly, there was no need to call him. But, he called me that evening to check on me anyway. I felt like I was in the best of hands, before, during, and after the surgery. Thank you Dr. Abrams!!! I am so happy with my new self! I never thought it could be this great.

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