Fresh out of the Microwave

Just finished my first full face Ultherapy...

Just finished my first full face Ultherapy treatment today and I have to say, the anticipation of pain, bruising, and swelling was way worse that the actual procedure. Yes, I started taking Arnica 4 days ago and yes, I took the "happy hour" cocktail of Xanax and Percocet right before they started. Overall, the pain can be described as discomforting during the first pass at level 3 and only mildly discomforting on the second pass at level 1.
Everyone reacts differently, but I truly believe it's the technique that matters most. A properly trained technician pays careful attention to the location of blood vessels and bones to avoid bruising and excessive pain. Also their should not be any air pockets between the hand piece and your face; that may cause welts and burns.

So how do I look? Pretty good. I'm a skeptic, so I'll keep my enthusiasm for the temporary plumping in check and update in a few days. Meanwhile, I have a big bowl of mashed potatoes to eat before I take an awesome nap

Dear EyeInk, It has been over two months since you had Ultherapy. Have you noticed any positive results? I'm eager to hear from you. :-))

Mashed potatoes before a nap?! Wow, that sounds like the perfect afternoon if you ask me!! ;)

How are you feeling? Any tenderness? Any changes in how things are looking at this early stage?

The numbness along the jawline is receding. No bruising anywhere, but I'm still a little swollen, especially in the jowls, so I look like I'm storing nuts. The tenderness wasn't that bad, but it is starting to tickle under the numbness, to I find myself slapping my face more than usual.
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