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I had ulthera done on my forehead and around the...

I had ulthera done on my forehead and around the eye area twice within a six month time frame. So far I am pleased with the results on my forehead and eyebrows after the second time. The first time did not really notice a difference. After the second time the skin felt more taut and the arch my eyebrow appeared slightly raised. I would not recommend Ulthera for bags under the eyes so save yourself the money. It did nothing for my bags or wrinkle around the eyes. I am not including the doctors name because he did not perform the procedure but his Esthetician did instead.


That is really helpful to know that it worked on your forehead, but not your eye area. Thanks for letting us know the difference you saw.

You mentioned you had the treatment done twice, just to make sure I'm assuming the price you posted was per session. Is that right?

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