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I had cosmelan treatment 4 months ago.i am asian...

i had cosmelan treatment 4 months ago.i am asian skin more of jennifer lopez skin color. at first it worked wonderfully on my melasma. they disappeared in a months time. i am religiously using my cosmelan2 twice a day for 3 months then to once a day application at night time. i am using heliocare spf 60 in powder form as my everyday sunblock.

about a month ago, my melasma returned.especially on my forehead and side burns.some spots also appeared as well. my neck also became uneven in color as well.

what went wrong? i did not expose myself to sunlight and my wash was only clean water. what should i do? right now i started to apply cosmelan 2 twice a day again to see if my condition will improve. hoping for your immediate response.

You should put your sun cream at least every 2hours. Spf60 does not necessary mean it is good, what percentage of zinc and titanium oxide it has?
I had Dermamelan mask done 6 months ago, after 3 weeks my skin looked fab & nearly all the melasma had gone!!...After 3 months the melasma came back, im so dissapointed, this treatment has cost me almost £2000 & my melasma is just as bad as ever, i can't leave the house without make up.I'm still using the dermamelan cream, hydra vital k & sunblock, i never missed a day for 6 months but it's doing nothing for me. Seems its just a temporary fix & not permanent cure, has anyone had this problem or got any advice?
sorry i am new to this site and just realised this isnt the 'wirte a review' section. please ignore the previous comment.
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