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Cosmelan Review on Melasma - Philippines

I had cosmelan treatment 4 months ago.i am asian...

i had cosmelan treatment 4 months ago.i am asian skin more of jennifer lopez skin color. at first it worked wonderfully on my melasma. they disappeared in a months time. i am religiously using my cosmelan2 twice a day for 3 months then to once a day application at night time. i am using heliocare spf 60 in powder form as my everyday sunblock.

about a month ago, my melasma returned.especially on my forehead and side burns.some spots also appeared as well. my neck also became uneven in color as well.

what went wrong? i did not expose myself to sunlight and my wash was only clean water. what should i do? right now i started to apply cosmelan 2 twice a day again to see if my condition will improve. hoping for your immediate response.

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I had Dermamelan mask done 6 months ago, after 3 weeks my skin looked fab & nearly all the melasma had gone!!...After 3 months the melasma came back, im so dissapointed, this treatment has cost me almost £2000 & my melasma is just as bad as ever, i can't leave the house without make up.I'm still using the dermamelan cream, hydra vital k & sunblock, i never missed a day for 6 months but it's doing nothing for me. Seems its just a temporary fix & not permanent cure, has anyone had this problem or got any advice?
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sorry i am new to this site and just realised this isnt the 'wirte a review' section. please ignore the previous comment.
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Hi caramel,

No worries. You can copy that comment into the review form here so everyone can read your experience.


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