I Think I Might Have Two Ruptured Implants - Corpus Christi, TX

I think I might have two ruptured implants. I have...

I think I might have two ruptured implants. I have seen two surgeons. The first states that I have one implant ruptured, and that I will have to have both removed, wear drains in my chest and heal for about 3 months, then have new (saline) implants put in. He told me not to work until I have the surgery. The cost for both surgeries, $14,000.00.

The second Dr. stated that he suspected both implants were ruptured, and that he could remove them, and put in new (silicone) right away for $8,000.00.

It seems the two doctors are at different ends of the spectrum, so I have a third consultation this Friday. Neither has ordered imaging, but the second Dr. said he would look at my last mammogram.

Let me mention that I have had my implants since 1976. I am not in pain now although I do have twinges now and then. My breasts are not misshapen, nor do they feel any different to me. I am carrying on life as always.

I would appreciate any advice.
Thank you!

I have had my saline implants since 1975. In the last couple of weeks one has become very painful, radiating into my arm. I also have a hard spot on the top of the implant. I plan to see a plastic surgeon soon to find out what's going on and what should be done, but I don't know how to find a good doctor. Any ideas?
The third surgeon was wonderful! I scheduled surgery for early October at a cost of $ 6600.
I will be so happy to be pain free. Thank you for your support.

I'm glad you're doing that third consultation. I'm not sure why the first doctor wants to remove them and have you heal before replacing them. Lots of women get their implants revised all at once (but then again, I don't know your medical situation either).

Please let us know what the third surgeon says. And I'm sorry your implants ruptured. :(

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