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Not Seeing Any Weight Loss After IPL and YAG Laser Treatment - Corning, NY

I had IPL and YAG laser treatments to my abdominal...

I had IPL and YAG laser treatments to my abdominal area for skin tightening and weight loss. Have had some tightening but no weight loss.

Can IPL and YAG laser treatment be used for weight loss? I had this treatment done 3 weeks ago,And I've noticed skin tightening a little but no weight loss.

Try a low carb diet. I lost 35 pounds. Watch one of Gary Taubes' lectures on youtube--he explains the science behind it. Makes total sense and it really works. Or you can buy his book: "Why we get fat and what to do about it".
I don't know who told you IPL is good for weight loss, but I highly doubt it's true.

I'd get a second opinion on that.
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Don't think they know what they are doing.

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