How Long Until my New Breasts Settle and Reduce in Size?

I am 47 years old and had 300cc saline breast...

I am 47 years old and had 300cc saline breast implants 3 1/2 weeks ago behind the muscle, but am worried that they are too big for my small 110 lb. frame.

Will they settle and get smaller? If after several months I still feel like they are too large, can they be reduced without the implants being taken out?
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It takes about six month for implants to settle. they continue to improve gradually for up to one year. By six months, this is the way you are going to look. If you have issues you are concerned about discuss it with your Board Certified PS
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After any surgery, there will a period of time when there is increased swelling followed by recovery and resolution of the swelling. Typically, the swelling increases for the first 4-5 days and peaks out about day 5. Then there is a relatively rapid decrease in swelling for about 6 weeks. At this time usually about 80% of the swelling has resolved. The remaining 20% may take several more months to resolve entirely. Immediately after breast augmentation there is also some tightness about the implant as these tissues are draped over the implants. As time goes on the tissues will slowly stretch and accommodate to the implant. This entire process may take up to 4-6 months. During this time there is continued softening of the breasts and relaxation of the implant within its pocket. About a month after surgery, although the entire healing process is not yet complete, the breasts begin to have a very pretty appearance since enough of the swelling has resolved and some softening has developed. Nevertheless, the final result will not be apparent until about 6 months. Finally, after having done breast augmentations for more than a decade, my experience is that, with rare exception, most women after about 6 months wish they had chosen an implant somewhat larger than what they actually did choose. My recommendation to you is that you be patient for the time being, allow things to heal and settle down before you make a decision about changing size. In the big scheme of things you are still relatively early in the healing period. Alexander G Nein MD PC

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It can take 6-8 weeks for the implants to settle. You will likely see changes up to 4 months. Give it at least 6 months before you decide to change the size.
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