I am 35 years old had 4 kids - Tummy tuck - Coral Springs, FL

I am 35 years old had 4 kids (18, 15, 12, 5) all...

I am 35 years old had 4 kids (18, 15, 12, 5) all natural birth and all of them where 9 And 9 1/2 lbs smh ouch!! I went to Dr. Armando Soto a Few months ago For a TT ($8,478) consult. But also asked him about the mommy make over ($14,800) Dr. Armando Soto was nice and informative as well, his staff very polite. "I give them 5 stars". My biggest concern was they where in a rush and I never saw his TC, but other then that he was okay.
My problem is that I wanted a TT at first, but now I am rethinking it over because I want a mommy makeover (TT & BL w/ Implants)! My only concern is the reviews I have seen with some of the ladies how they were not happy with his BL & breast augmentations. And the fact that the cost is $14,000 plus dollars for a mommy makeover is insane, also to me is way over my budget as well. I need help!

Well, I did an over the phone consult w/a lady...

Well, I did an over the phone consult w/a lady named Lynne for Dr. Azurin about 3 weeks ago. BBL & TT at the same time total cost $11,000. But reading reviews and doing resaerch I am getting concern about the recovery time & how it will affect me with the outcome.

I am very irate at this point. I feel so lost at this point. I am saving my money, I just want the right doctor and of course trust. not to just take my money.
Hi, first I want to welcome you . You asked me who did my TT? I supposed to have my TT on August 20 but my doc didn't keep his word so there is no tuck for my tummy . You should not be scared. I think first you have to find a good doc and trust him 100%. Also you have to train your mind to accept that if you'll feel pain in the end it will be worth it. Of course you also have to accept the trade of your belly for a scar witch I don't think it is that bad. Most of the girls who did it are happy. Then I think the level of support you can get from RS community it will ease your recovery. There will be crying moments, regrets, maybe desperation especially from the effect of anesthesia but if you have a loving support at home you'll be able to get through. I wish good luck with your surgery . I don't want to give you more advices bcuz I'm going to look stupid, especially that I didn't do it but if you need to ask me something please feel free to do so.
Thank you do much for your input. I am still debating on what doctor should I do it with. Still doing my research, extremely overwhelmed with it all. I like Dr. Azurin but I have to sit with him to ask a few more questions. Maybe I am worring to much. But I do appreciate you responding.
Call me crazy but I haven't had my consult yet with him and I'm having my sx next week. To late for me to think if I'm wrong. I already paid it in full. I admire you for taking your time and do the research. I hope I won't regret my decision. I liked him through other girls eyes and description.

I am still searching and still thinking. I am...

I am still searching and still thinking. I am hitting for Dr. Azurin. Only problem is that I am extremely scared of the pain lol..

Hello i get my done whit richard lung in miami great doctor he only operate on the hospital what is better for me

I am so overwhelmed with chossing a doctor UGh!!!...

I am so overwhelmed with chossing a doctor UGh!!! I need help. My heart was set with Dr. Azurin, But now I am looking at Dr. Salama work and I love It. I was reading some reviews of how Dr. Azurin does not do lipo on certain areas which has me wondering. I want a Small waist and flat tummy, Plus A nice juice Bootay! Can Someone help me. I am so stressed out on choosing these doctors. I jus want to look Beautiful again, I can't even bare to see myself naked at all

I will look him up. Good luck on ur sx..
zizi have you decided to schedule your sx date?
My sx is in 2days. I'm flying 2morrow morning to Fl.

Well it's official gave my down payment and...

Well it's official gave my down payment and scheduled my Sx w/ Dr. Salama will do my TT 7/29/13 and mt BBL 9/ 23/ 2013.

So finally set up my Sx W/ Dr. SAMALA for TT &...

So finally set up my Sx W/ Dr. SAMALA for TT & BL W/ Augmentation. I am nerves as heck. I hope and pray to god this dortor does a good job with my sx. The reason I kinda of question it is because e is a artist at BBL hands down I also put a dow =n payment already sx date 9/2013 I have to recover from my other SX First. wish me luck.
That's so good. My Sx date is for TT will be in 7/29/2013 & Bbl on 9/23/2013... It's been hard to choose a Doctor. I been doing research for months now. Dr. S does amazing Bbl, but I'm not to sure about his TT. There is a doctor who does great work w/ TT Dr. Azurin. It's hard to decided. I want dr. A to do my TT & Dr. S to do my bbl. both PS are amazing on what there good at. Good luck on your sx.

Well I will be meeting Dr. Salama Jan 16.. I spoke...

Well I will be meeting Dr. Salama Jan 16.. I spoke to Cynthia back in November, I gave her a down payment for both surgeries. I never received a conformation or any paperwork. When I called the first time I was brushed off, then I called a 2nd time again. Then finally I spoke to Cynthia and I scheduled both surgeries. Now if they are not good in keeping up with they're patients what am I going to expect for my surgery. I am super scared now. I saw a few reviews with a lady that was not satisfied with her surgery and I saw pics and it was scary. I rather lose my deposit then something horrible happening to me. I will have a consult with Doctor Azurin. I will still search and also do my research with these doctors. I am in no rush I will take my time with everything... Watching and reading the reviews have my a little worried. I hope I make the right choice! Hopefully the PS does not just take my money and does a great job. All I can do is pray.

I just want to get this over and done with!!!...

I just want to get this over and done with!!! Anxiety is kicking my butt! Stressed out & so overwhelmed to much on my mind..
Thank u Zizi.. I been so overwhelmed with my decision, thinking way to much. I have a concerns with Dr. A I can't seen to find him in the board certified doctor... I have a family member that works for a hospital out here in Florida and his name is not showing up :-/ that concerns me a lot. I am going to see both doctors on Jan, 16 Dr. S will be first then Dr. A. Honestly Zizi if this goes down they way I want it to I am going for Dr. A for my TT he did a super duper job on you!! And Dr. S will be for my BBL. I just pray things go well for me.. I never have any luck, I just want this so bad & I hope for just one time things go well.. (Crossing my fingers)
Don't you ever write again this :" I never have any luck" . Don't you know how powerful words are. Especially written. Think positive. From now one I want you to say "I'm a lucky girl". Yes you are. Now back to the business. If I remember well I think I signed a paper that said something about his certification. OMG. I really forgot. I was so excited plus my money were given already. You should ask Lynne . You have the right to know. So we think alike. Dr A is best for TT and Dr S for BBL. I am in love with my body and I wish you can get similar result. That's why I wrote to you . I don't see any other Dr for TT to be that good. Now I said it is your decision. We all look way different b4 and we will, after. But his results are pretty consistent. Don't forget : positive thinking.
YES YES YES. Never again "Positive Thinking" "I AM A LUCKY GIRL" everything will be ok I have faith... As soon as I see her, I will ask for his license number to do the background check.. And yes we both agree he is the best in TT HANDS DOWN. Dr. S bbl are great! My plans Dr. A (TT) then Dr. S (BBL) that's what I think on doing.. Thank Zizi for for encouraging words you are the best xoxoxoxo

Hello my beautiful Ladies, I lost weight I am done...

Hello my beautiful Ladies, I lost weight I am done to 156 lbs height is 5"5. And I will have my consultation with both Dr. Salama & Dr.Azurin. Very optimistic & positive. I have faith :)))

Finally I'm here waiting for my consultation with...

Finally I'm here waiting for my consultation with Dr. Azurin. I made up my mind with doing my BBL w/ Dr. Moises Salama very informative & sincere as well! Nancy is down to earth & super honest I love it.. So positive & ecstatic I know I made the right choice

I finally had my hernia repaired, I was so...

I finally had my hernia repaired, I was so nervous, but everything came back great. Now the waiting beings. Dr.Azurin wants to wait 8months to heal properly which it is understandable. I am taking all mi vitamins until my TT.

BTW I don't know how long is the healing process...

BTW I don't know how long is the healing process for this hernia, I feel like I got kicked in my stomach.

Hey sexy. I'm happy for you. I wish you recover well from umbilical repair. Please let me know when is your next move. Who was your PS? Will you still do the BBL ?

I will be having my Tummy tuck by 2014. Dr. Daniel...

I will be having my Tummy tuck by 2014. Dr. Daniel Azurin is the best for tummy tucks. I am having my BBL first, I have to wait 9 months to have my TT. Which is scary because i have a lot of lose skin on my tummy (yucky). I honestly always wanted my tummy tuck first, but since i got the big old idea of getting a bbl (here I am) smh. Doing everything backwards ugh.. happy healing everyone and best of luck.
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