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I've been researching docs for quite a while and...

I've been researching docs for quite a while and have preliminarily decided on Dr. Azurin, BUT one thing really concerns me... All of his BBL patient reviews comment about tremendous pain for many weeks after the procedure. I know that the procedure is not painless from any doc, but Dr. Azurin's patients all seem to report much, much more pain than others. Some have called the pain unbearable.

I would really like to hear from other Azurin patients about the pain they experienced.

when is ur bbl and what is included in the price
i think its also because he doesnt use tumescent which helps with numbing the butt
Hello JulieReynolds, Welcome! I too just started looking into BBL and using this website. I spoke to Dr. Azurin assistant today and she told me the pain is so unbearable because he injects the fat into the deep muscle of the butt not on the surface. Hope this help. Good luck!
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