Early 20's Restylane for Lips - Coral Gables, FL

Unfortunately i don't have a before picture...

Unfortunately i don't have a before picture because i kind of did this on a whim.

My upper lip was bigger than my bottom lip. Since i have a long prominent jaw I felt that i would look better if my bottom lip was filled in. I was sooooo nervous, i've never had injections before. I was scared I was going to come out looking like those duck face girls, especially being in Miami, lord knows doctors abuse fillers.

Anyway, i bought 1 syringe, freaking ridiculously expensive at $650 and i felt totally guilty until i got home and took a look in the mirror and REALLY liked my result. It looks so natural! We only used half a syringe in the bottom lip. I'll be going back in two weeks to see if any touch ups can be made and to inject a little on the top. Dr.Bared didn't want to do too much at once and wanted to make sure i liked the result.

Left the office looking like nothing happened. I love it.
Love those lips!
Your results look fabulous and natural NOT ducky at all!
Thanks for sharing.  Keep us posted on if you experience any bruising and if your lips go down from swelling.  I think they look great.


Meh, i'm only about a couple weeks in and the plumpness has gone down significantly, i can't really see much of a difference in my lips. I don't think i would do this again, for the price, it doesn't seem worth it and it wears out realllyyy fast.

i would look into perma lip before getting restylane injections again.
sorry you didn't think it was worth it. Restylane is costly,somewhat painful but should last 6 months. Mine does Best wishes.

i forgot to mention

although i wouldn't pay for another round, i still have a little less than half a syringe left so i will be going back in a week or so to finish using the product. Dr.Bared used a little over half a syringe for my bottom lip and we agreed i would come back in two weeks to finish the syringe using a little bit in my top lip and the rest in the bottom. i'll update with photos then and my feelings. Perhaps i just needed more?

I just think that permalip might be a better investment, as the procedure runs around 1200 (or so i've read) and is supposedly permanent while one syringe of restylane is 650 and lasts 6 months so by the second syringe you're already at 1300. seems worth looking into the pros and cons.

as a side note, restylane, upon your doctors skill i'm sure, has the ability to look VERY natural which is something i like. for the first 5 days it was a little hard but now it feels extremely normal. I can definitely see why women use this filler for the face. i would definitely consider using it in small amounts when i'm older to fill in wrinkles and such.
thank you! its still slightly bigger but not as big of a difference and i'd have liked. xoxo
no bruising for me. swelling went down completely around the 5th day. kinda sad about it :[ my lip is still bigger than it was before though. just not as juicy.


it's still bigger than before but not as juicy/plump since the product settled.
I think it still looks very nice. I had the same issue as you, my upper lip was bigger so 2 months ago I had one full syringe of restylane in the lower lip. You're right the plumpness does go down in few weeks. I will look into the permalip as well. Thanks for sharing!
You said you are going back next week to get the rest of your vial injected, right?  Hopefully that will give you the look you want- I think it will.  Let us know!
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Dr.Anthony Bared was great. I originally came in for facial fillers, possibly botox and lip injections but he gave me his advice and suggested against everything except the lip injection. I appreciated his honesty and like that he only suggested things he thought would really help give me a natural positive result. Really happy with my result. It looks COMPLETELY natural and added the small subtle change i was looking for.

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