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I'm a mother of two kids I'm 5'2 134 pounds and I...

I'm a mother of two kids I'm 5'2 134 pounds and I breast feed both my kids. We all know what happens when we breast feed. My main concern is that I will get a breast lift and be left with horrible scars I really just want implants but I know the doctor will recommend the lift. I already had one consultantion and I go for a second one tomorrow. Will it be possible to only get implants I need help.

Ok so I had my consultation today and I left...

Ok so I had my consultation today and I left feeling pretty good about my decision I have chosen to go ahead with the lift but I told the doctor I want a lift with the least amount of scaring. He suggested the lollipops method. I still wanted the doughnuts method but the doctor knows what is best. So I left a deposit and will make another payment so I can actually schedule at surgery date then continue to make my monthly payments. I'm so excited.

Were you told to do the lift first and implants later? That's what my PS suggested so I am doing a two stage process, anchor lift in January and then implants at a later date.

Thanks for starting your story on RealSelf! I'm glad you're feeling good about the lift now. Some ladies get a lift plus implants. Is that an option for you?

Yes I want implants I feel my breasts are too small to only get a lift. I'm really excited about this journey. I've thought about this long and hard for almost two years and said what the heck am I waiting for.
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