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I'm a mother of two kids I'm 5'2 134 pounds and I...

I'm a mother of two kids I'm 5'2 134 pounds and I breast feed both my kids. We all know what happens when we breast feed. My main concern is that I will get a breast lift and be left with horrible scars I really just want implants but I know the doctor will recommend the lift. I already had one consultantion and I go for a second one tomorrow. Will it be possible to only get implants I need help.

Ok so I had my consultation today and I left...

Ok so I had my consultation today and I left feeling pretty good about my decision I have chosen to go ahead with the lift but I told the doctor I want a lift with the least amount of scaring. He suggested the lollipops method. I still wanted the doughnuts method but the doctor knows what is best. So I left a deposit and will make another payment so I can actually schedule at surgery date then continue to make my monthly payments. I'm so excited.

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Were you told to do the lift first and implants later? That's what my PS suggested so I am doing a two stage process, anchor lift in January and then implants at a later date.
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Thanks for starting your story on RealSelf! I'm glad you're feeling good about the lift now. Some ladies get a lift plus implants. Is that an option for you?

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Yes I want implants I feel my breasts are too small to only get a lift. I'm really excited about this journey. I've thought about this long and hard for almost two years and said what the heck am I waiting for.
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Good Luck to you! There are lots of great surgeons in the Coral Gables area. I had my BL/BA there in July and I am fairly happy with the results. They dropped a bit more that I expected. My scars are healed, I use the Mederma scar treatment religiously. I only had a small issue with 1 area that did not heal well, but it is barely noticable now. Keep us updated!
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Thanks I will keep you updated every step of the way. Just can't wait to actually schedule my surgery date.
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