Coral Gabes 2500$ - Coral Gables, FL

So I'm going to get breast implants from coral...

so I'm going to get breast implants from coral gabes, I wanted to know if anybody has a doctor they recommend at coral gabes ? I want to go from a 32B to a 38D
I'm so excited at this low price but I know coral gabes has a bad record with there doctors after the girl not waking up but like it's really cheap idk I don't want to be taking any risk thou lol
CGCC isn't as glamorous as other places around but if you know what to expect and want a competitive price then is it fine. I would research the doctors and see who has great reviews. As far as the girl in the coma, she likely did not disclose things that compromised her health and her surgery. I went there for value and competitive price. If I didn't feel safe I would not use them. There are cheaper surgery centers around but look at all the reviews with a fine tooth comb and make your own final decision.
I absolutely 100% agree with you. The girl who ended up in intensive care was I believe had a procedure where she found out she had an allergy to anesthesia and neglected to share the information with her surgeon, the anesthesiologist and the rest of the staff. That's what led to her poor surgery experience. But, with an excellent board certified surgeon and a clean bill of health, you should have an amazing surgical experience. Good luck!
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